Deep Purple - Live In London 2002

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Vinyl Record

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Numbered heavyweight 3LP edition

Limited to 5,000 copies worldwide

A historic live recording by the Mark VII lineup

Another release in the Soundboard Series is Live in London 2002. This show, from February 22, 2002, at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, is infamous for a couple of reasons.

First, it was the last show that Jon Lord played with the band from start to finish. He submitted his letter of resignation the same night. He did appear with the band afterwards as a special guest, most notably on the autumn 2002 U.K. dates that were rescheduled from earlier in the year.

Second, the show was essentially an instrumental one. There was a virus making rounds through the band in that tour. That night it was Gillan's turn to succumb to it and for all practical purposes he lost his voice. There were attempts to sing here and there, but not terribly successful. From what truly yours can remember of the night — after nearly 20 years of killing the brain cells — the band had to compensate for it with extended instrumental jams. Which makes it unique and kind of peculiar for the hardcore fans. The rest of the tour was cancelled.


LP 1
1. Woman From Tokyo (Live In London 2002)
2. Ted The Mechanic (Live In London 2002)
3. Mary Long (Live In London 2002)
4. Lazy (Live In London 2002)
5. No One Came (Live In London 2002)
6. The Aviator (Live In London 2002)

LP 2
1. The Well-Dressed Guitar (Live In London 2002)
2. Up The Wall (Live In London 2002)
3. Black Night (Live In London 2002)
4. Fools (Live In London 2002)
5. Jon Lord's Key Solo (Live In London 2002)
6. Perfect Strangers (Live In London 2002)

LP 3
1. Steve Morse's Riff Parade (Live In London 2002)
2. Smoke On The Water (Live In London 2002)
3. Speed King (Live In London 2002)
4. Hush (Live In London 2002)

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