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One of PJ Harvey's most aclaimed albums, Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, returns on vinyl from UMC/Island February 26, 2021. Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, earned Harvey multiple accolades, including Brit Award nominations for Best British Female Artist two years in a row, Grammy Award nominations for Best Rock Album and Best Female Rock Performance and, of course, the Mercury Music Prize for Best Album. It reached No. 23 on the U.K. Albums Chart and appeared extensively on end of year lists.

Side A
1. Big Exit
2. Good Fortune
3. A Place Called Home
4. One Line
5. Beautiful Feeling
6. The Whores Hustle AndThe Hustlers Whore

Side B
1. This Mess We're In
2. You Said Something
3. Kamikaze
4. This Is Love
5. Horses In MyDreams
6. We Float

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