Carol Rosenberger - Dynamic Piano: Beethoven Piano Sonatas


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Hybrid Stereo SACD

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"'The piano is, after all, an unsatisfactory instrument,' Beethoven complained to his publisher upon completion of his last piano sonata, the sublime Op. 111. Beethoven's frustration over the pace of the piano's development during his lifetime is entirely consistent with a musical vision which was always focused beyond the limitations of contemporary instruments and performers. He continuously pushed the piano makers towards new developments in the piano's dynamic range, strength of tone and resonance, and brought his innovative genius and catalytic energy to exploit each of these new developments to the fullest. Yet throughout his creative life he wrote, not only for the piano he knew, but far beyond it." - Carol Rosenberger

Pianist Carol Rosenberger plays a Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand.
Producer: Amelia S. Haygood
Balance Engineer: Stan Ricker
Recording Engineer: Bruce Leek

Sonata Op. 57 (Appassionata)
Allegro assai
Andante con moto - Allegro ma non troppo

Sonata Op. 111
Maestoso - Allegro con brio ed appassionato
ARIETTA: Adagio molto semplice e cantabile

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