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Deftones are back with their ninth studio album

Recorded at Henson Studios and Trainwreck Studios, Ohms is an other-worldly body of work meticulously crafted by the five-piece alt.metal titans Deftones. It is a magnificent tour de force and their first album in four years since the critically acclaimed Gore LP in 2016.

The band, which includes Chino Moreno, Frank Delgado, Stephen Carpenter, Abe Cunningham, and Sergio Vega, has produced a dense LP with every member firing on all cylinders. The album also boasts a familiar collaborator in veteran producer and engineer Terry Date, who worked on 1995's Adrenaline, 1997's Around the Fur and 2000's White Pony.

All of the above assembles and sets the stage to deliver Ohms; 10 tracks of raw escapism and unparalleled grooves that have made Deftones' sound singular for more than two decades. Google defines the title of Deftones' ninth outing as "an electrical resistance between two points of a conductor". Okay, we kinda knew that already, but what does that word mean to frontman Chino Moreno?

"It's that balance and polarity of things," he tells Kerrang!. "I've always described our band as having that yin and yang. As people, the music we make, and the lyrics that I write, there's always this juxtaposition and that's the beauty of what we've created."

So there you have it. Leave it to Deftones to reinterpret the definition of a physical object into something more ethereal and altogether more interesting.


Side 1
1. Genesis
2. Ceremony
3. Urantia
4. Error
5. The Spell of Mathematics

Side 2
1. Pompeji
2. This Link Is Dead
3. Radiant City
4. Headless
5. Ohms

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