Max Richter - Waltz With Bashir

 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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Gatefold double LP

Max Richter's groundbreaking soundtrack score for Waltz With Bashir (2008) is as provocative and powerfully intense as the searing images of a film that confronted audiences with lasting lessons in recent history and the psychology of trauma. His music moved millions worldwide, earned him the European Film Award (2008) for Best Composer and contributed significantly to his stellar rise on the contemporary scene as well as gaining world-wide exposure and acclaim.

Side 1
1. Boaz And The Dogs
2. Organum
3. The Haunted Ocean 1

Side 2
1. Shadow Journal
2. Enola Gay
3. The Haunted Ocean 2
4. Taxi and APC

Side 3
1. Any Minute Now / Thinking Back
2. I Swam Out To Sea / Return
3. Patchouli Oil and Karate
4. What Have They Done?
5. Into the Airport Hallucination
6. The Slaughterhouse

Side 4
1. The Haunted Ocean 3
2. Into the Camps
3. The Haunted Ocean 4
4. Andante/Reflection (End Title)
5. The Haunted Ocean 5

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