Prince - One Nite Alone: Solo Piano And Voice By Prince

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Purple vinyl 150-gram single LP

Prince released his stunning 25th studio album, One Nite Alone..., on May 14, 2002 on NPG Records. Featuring almost nothing but Prince's acoustic piano and vocals (save for occasional rhythm from drummer John Blackwell and the ambient cooing of Divinity and Majesty, Prince's pet doves), this intimate album offers favorites like "U're Gonna C Me" and a cover of "A Case Of U," written by one of Prince's biggest musical influences, Joni Mitchell.

One Nite Alone... was initially released as a gift to members of the NPG Music Club, and was available as a separate album and included in the limited edition One Nite Alone... Live! box set. While One Nite Alone... was never sold in stores, it became a highly-desirable release.

This marks its first time on vinyl where it is available in limited edition purple vinyl 150-gram single LP.

Side 1
1. One Nite Alone...
2. U're Gonna C Me
3. Here On Earth
4. A Case of U

Side 2
1. Have a Heart
2. Objects In the Mirror
3. Avalanche
4. Pearls B4 the Swine
5. Young and Beautiful
6. Arboretum

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