Various Artists - It's A Revolution Mother

 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Green Vinyl LP + DVD)


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First-ever reissue of this cannabinoid craziness!

Features a crisp transfer of the Something Weird film on DVD!

Cut and pressed at Third Man Record Pressing in Detroit

Dank Cheeba Green vinyl!

Freaked-out hippies and surly bikers! What happens when someone who sounds like your local newscaster frantically rifling through a slang dictionary narrates a documentary depicting hippie protest, life inside a motorcycle gang, and myriad more sights from the turbulent ‘60s scene? This does!

Tons of campy biker craziness, anti-establishment antics, and one stellar one-liner after the other, all set to a hard rock musical score full of driving guitars.

This is the first-ever reissue of this platter of stoner strangeness! Original pressings are rarer than a Prius at a biker rally. Pressed on cannabis green vinyl in a replica of the original record jacket. Includes a DVD of the entire freaked out film!


Side 1
1. It’s A Revolution Mother
2. Garrison Beach
3. Top Of Mount Reality
4. Riot At DuPoint Circle
5. Wine And Grass

Side 2
1. Rap Session
2. A Walk Down Pennsylvania Avenue
3. Dick Gregory Speaks On Spiro Agnew
4. Youth Power
5. Youth Speaks On Draft And Campus

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