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Clamping a record at the periphery (outside edge of the record) solves the problems of wow on a record that is not completely flat. When you clamp a record at the disc's center, there is often still a visible warp at the outside of the record. You can see this by observing the tonearm move up and down because of the warp. The periphery clamp solves that problem.

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posted on 04/01/2017
5 Stars
I was a bit skeptical at first, but after purchasing I can say this is the best investment I've ever made. The frequency response is astounding! Immediately after installing this on my favorite Tiny Tim album, whales started beaching themselves on my patio. (I live on the Pacific coast) Really, it's that good I decided to order another.

Amazed by this upgrade

posted on 09/18/2009
5 Stars
I was a bit skeptical about this ring and the price.

I received it today and am shocked how much my turntable sounds better. I have the Aries 3. The sound is much more clear and the image is much better. The background is more black as well.

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