Mara Machines - MARA MCI HiFi 1/4 Inch 2 Track

 (Natural Solid Maple with Black Gold Flake Paint)

Mara Machines - MARA MCI HiFi 1/4 Inch 2 Track

Mara Machines



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Reel to Reel Machines

Finally, studio performance right in your listening room!

A fully restored MCI JH110 1/4" two-track tape machine - but customized to fit in a smaller, solid wood cabinet specifically designed for home hi-fi use.

This machine can be used both for playback and also to record!

This machine is the answer to the audiophile who wants to access the highest-quality tape playback but with a much smaller footprint. The perfect solution for home use!

Our compact HiFi series features the Famed MCI JH110 1/4” two track with a rebuilt capstan motor and roller guides, a new Flux Magnetic reproduce head, and a relapped record and erase head. Record and playback at 7.5, 15, and 30 IPS (NAB and IEC). Available in beautiful handcrafted solid Birch or Maple cabinets, Silver/Black or Black/Natural color schemes. The machines measure at 20.5” x 25” x 16”, and the external power supply at 20.5” x 8.75” x 10”.

So, why an MCI tape machine? MCIs are very unassuming tape machines. They are very simplistic in design, and most importantly, they sound great! What more can you ask from a machine? So, what does an MCI sound like? The answer is simple: Just buy an album from the '70s or '80s, and most likely it was recorded on an MCI machine or an MCI console. There's literally a who's who of studios and artists that used MCIs over the company's 25-year span: Eric Clapton, Criteria Recording, The Bee Gees, Muscle Shoals Sound, Ray Charles, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Ringo Starr just to name a few. If you listen to music, you HAVE heard MCI before.

"Chris Mara has single-handedly revived the reputation of the great Jeep Harned's American MCI JH series of tape machines. These have survived in large enough numbers to make a business out of their restoration and the Mara rebuilt machines are top quality, great sounding, easy to keep lined up, and smooth running. We have all been pleasantly surprised that the MCI gear they are based on has lasted so well. They were so much better built than anything made today." - Pete Townshend, The Who



Optional 1/2” headstack and roller guides available - call for pricing.

Tape Width: 1/4” Half Track
(Available in 1/2” Half Track & 1/4” Quarter Track)
Audio connections: XLR (Pin 2 Hot)
Speeds: 7.5, 15 & 30 IPS (NAB & IEC)
*Phase Locked Loop DC Capstan Controlled. Referenced To
Fixed Crystal Oscillator or Variable VCO Output (Vari-Speed)
Wow & Flutter: < .020% (30IPS) < .030% (15IPS) < .045% (7.5IPS)
Long Term Speed Stability: Better than .02%
Reel Sizes: 7 & 10.5”
Tape Tension: 5 1/2 Ounces; Constant Tape Tension Throughout Reel
Start Time: 900ms (30IPS) 500ms (15 & 7.5IPS)
Rewind Time: 110 Seconds for 2500 Feet of Tape
Frequency Range: 40Hz-28kHz (30IPS) 30Hz-24kHz (15IPS)
Signal To Noise: 74dB (30IPS) 70dB (15 & 7.5IPS)
Harmonic Distortion: (1kHz Fundamental @ 510nWb/m)
3rd Harmonic < .35% (30 IPS) < .52% (15IPS) <1.6% (7.5IPS)
2nd Harmonic < .10% (All Speeds)
Depth Of Erasure: Better Than 80dB @ 1kHz
Bias and Erase Frequency: 120kHz

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