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Although only recently joining the impressive roster at Lost Highway Records, Drive-By Truckers' two-disc tour-de-force Southern Rock Opera is already something of a legend in indie circles. Whether born of madness or genius (to be fair, most likely both), Southern Rock Opera explores - and attempts to untangle - what the Truckers' Patterson Hood refers to as "the duality of the Southern thing" through the tragic career arc of a semi-mythical Southern rock band, one "Betamax Guillotine." Loosely based on Southern rock's star-crossed heroes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Betamax Guillotine takes a bumpy, pitfall-laden path to the top, crashing cars into trees, hoisting lighters, draining bottles, selling gear and checking in with the likes of Neil Young, Skynyrd, Bear Bryant, AC/DC and George Wallace en route to its tragic fiery conclusion.

Only 2,500 copies of each title will be pressed. They've already gone out of print once. Get 'em now before it happens again.

1. Days Of Graduation
2. Ronnie and Neil
3. 72 (this highway's mean)
4. Dead, Drunk, And Naked
5. Guitar Man Upstairs
6. Birmingham
7. The Southern Thing
8. The Three Great Alabama Icons
9. Wallace
10. Zip City
11. Moved
12. Let There Be Rock
13. Road Cases
14. Women Without Whiskey
15. Plastic Flowers On The Highway
16. Cassie's Brother
17. Life In The Factory
18. Shut Up And Get On The Plane
19. Greenville To Baton Rouge
20. Angels And Fuselage

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posted on 05/24/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Truckers Lover
Sounds wonderful on vinyl. I highly recommend it! This is a different experience on vinyl, and well worth buying.

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