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Gatefold LP 2016 reissue

Featuring "Burn It Down," "Lost In The Echo" and "Castle Of Glass"

From day one, Linkin Park built the band upon the premise of fusing all of their favorite styles of music-as disparate as they might be-into one signature sound. Fast-forward 12 years to Living Things and the same six players have not only developed new tools to make that philosophy a reality, but they're finally comfortable embracing-and coalescing-every aspect of their career.

With each song, they flexed their expertise with both cutting-edge and classic gear, and they infused their vocals with an honest, thrilling enthusiasm; they picked apart their own ideas of what defines a song, and what defines Linkin Park. Living Things is a personal album, centered on human emotions and relationships implied by the title.

It is informed by and built upon all previous Linkin Park albums, while still pushing the band's sound into new territory. It's spirited, energetic, daring and unafraid to hybridize the past, present and future. It's absolute proof to a radical theory six musicians have devoted their lives to testing.


Side 1
Lost In The Echo
In My Remains
Burn It Down
Lies Greed Misery
I’ll Be Gone
Castle Of Glass

Side 2
Roads Untraveled
Skin To Bone
Until It Breaks

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