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Debut album on Third Man Records

There is so much written and said about the cultural battle for Nashville's soul these days, and whereas yes, it's true there are more condos then ever before and you're less likely to know the folks eating the open faced roast beef sandwich next to you at Rotier's, there is little denying that there are things about this funny little town that will never change simply because they are part of its DNA.

Hard work, stick-to-it-ivness, grit, and pristine musicality drenched in real life experience from the school of hard knocks... THAT'S Nashville. That's Country Music. That, ladies and gentleman is Margo Price, and Third Man Records is proud to announce the release of Margo Price & The Pricetags debut album Midwest Farmer's Daughter.

And, while Third Man executives could wax poetic for days about how much they love this record (and how Margo is here to save us all from the Starbucking of America with her stupefying voice that could tumble buildings and how her songs have one foot firmly planted in Nashville's past and their whole heart somehow gracefully existing in 2015), instead here, the music does the talking.

Side 1
Hands of Time
About to Find Out
Tennessee Song
Since You Put Me Down

Side 2
Four Years of Chances
This Town Gets Around
How the Mighty Have Fallen
Hurtin’ (On The Bottle)
World’s Greatest Loser

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