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Cardas - Cardas Female XLR Cap Cover/pair




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Cardas XLR Caps fit over unused XLR connectors to eliminate EMI and RF noise absorption. They are non shorting and completely cover the XLR's opening with a solid shield of nickel and brass to prevent EMI and RFI from entering the chassis. This noise can create havoc with digital processing and software. Cardas caps protect XLRs from dust and corrosion. Package of 2

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Pricey but...

posted on 01/09/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: TPhillip
Since I also have the RCA Cardas caps, it was welcomed news to know that the XLRs are available. They block out the extraneous RFI and EMI from gumming up your sound. I use them on my Digital Link III since I do not have XLR inputs on my pre-amp. They fit very snug but do not short out your system. Recommended for squeezing out that last bit of sound stage and sonic resolution.

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