Joe Bonamassa - You & Me

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You And Me (featuring Jason Bonham on drums) marks the debut collaboration of Bonamassa and producer Kevin Shirley and is a powerful fusion of big rock and swampy blues, You And Me gets much of its inspiration from such masters as Peter Green, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker. Bonamassa delivers all the excitement and power of his electrifying live performances while mixing it up with dynamic music choices; from hard to soft, electric to acoustic, a music roller coaster - and just as fun!

Side 1
High Water Everywhere
Bridge To Better Days
Asking Around For You

Side 2
So Many Roads
I Don’t Believe
Tamp Em Up Solid

Side 3
Tea For One

Side 4
Palm Trees Helicopter And Gasoline
Your Funeral And My Trial
Torn Down

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