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2016 first-time vinyl reissue

Journals was a digital-only release in which Justin Bieber dropped a new track for 10 weeks straight, calling it Music
Mondays. It includes favorites, "All That Matters" and "Confident" and Universal Music Enterprises is pleased to bring this 2LP edition of Journals to vinyl for the first time!

"Ever since he released his excellent, single-heavy Purpose, Justin Bieber has had more cultural clout than ever. So much so, in fact, that a bunch of bandwagoners have been saying things like "Oh wow, I can't believe the new Justin Bieber isn't absolutely terrible." If you're one of those fairweather fans, you may as well stop reading now because this news is for true Beliebers: Justin's first four albums are coming to vinyl.

"Want to hear the high-pitched tween pop of 'Baby' in a warm analogue tone, just as it was meant to be heard? Want those wonderful vintage crackles to wash over you while you listen to Sean Kingston sing 'shawty was an eenie meenie minie moe lover?' All of these things will soon be an option, courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises.

"In what can only be described as the best news of 2016, Bieber's My World, My World 2.0, Believe and Journals will all be pressed to wax early next year. Journals was released in 2013 and was previously digital only. That one features Future, R. Kelly, Chance the Rapper, Big Sean and Lil Wayne and will arrive as a double LP set." — exclaim.ca


Side 1
All That Matters
Hold Tight

Side 2
Bad Day
All Bad

Side 3
Roller Coaster
Change Me
One Life

Side 4
What’s Hatnin’
Swap It Out

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