Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow

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Hybrid Mono SACD

Hybrid Mono SACD

Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow on numbered, limited edition Hybrid Mono SACD

Acid-rock experimentalism and folk-based arrangements yield mysteriousness, darkness, and beauty

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Rated 146/500

Grace Slick's clarion-call singing matches virtuosic playing by band and guest Jerry Garcia

They were the best of times for Jefferson Airplane, and the good vibes are heard throughout the band's iconic Surrealistic Pillow. The group's first album with vocalist Grace Slick and drummer Spencer Dryden, the 1967 effort bowed as the first psychedelic-rock breakout from the potent San Francisco scene, climbing to No. 3 and boasting two Top 10 singles.

The effort ranked by Rolling Stone No. 146 on its 500 Greatest Albums of All Time eradicated boundaries and opened up creative vistas for a parade of likeminded artists that followed. Allegedly given its name by Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, who remarked that the music was as surrealistic as a pillow, Jefferson Airplane's sophomore effort remains renowned for its inimitable combination of collective symmetry, concise melodic frameworks, and razor-edged assertiveness.

Grace Slick and Marty Balin duet to enchanting effect on "She Has Funny Cars." Stripped to its bare acoustic foundations, the mellow ballad 0"Comin' Back To Me" shimmers and whispers, a quaint recorder underlining echoing the yearning mood.

Slick's measured deliveries and Alice In Wonderland-inspired lyrics give the bolero-based "White Rabbit" its hallucinogenic power while simultaneously bringing drug references into mainstream culture. The instrumental "Embryonic Journey" hints at the possibilities explored throughout the album and particularly manifested on the gorgeously textured "Today," originally written for Tony Bennett. Inside these 34 minutes, Jefferson Airplane achieves sublime surrealism — and more.


1. She Has Funny Cars
2. Somebody to Love
3. My Best Friend
4. Today
5. Comin' Back to Me
6. 3/5 of a Mile In 10 Seconds
7. D.C.B.A.-25
8. How Do You Feel
9. Embryonic Journey
10. White Rabbit
11. Plastic Fantastic Lover

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Excellent alternative to the stereo mix

posted on 12/13/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Hal Broome
Less reverb than the notorious "swimming pool" stereo version, and Jack's bass comes off more clearly, proving he was the rock foundation of the band. In the quieter moments, you can appreciate more the wistfulness and uniqueness of this classic San Francisco band, undiluted by the stereo shenanigans of Marty and Grace's voices coming from dueling speakers (although there is something to be said for that, as well!). Seems a waste that MoFi is finally putting out JA SACDs and not using the 4.0 multichannel mixes that exist, but I'll be happy enough if they follow up with Baxter's and Crown on SACD!

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