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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP  
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180-gram gatefold double LP

Recorded originally at 44.1kHz/16-bit

Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound

Stoughton Printing old-style tip on jacket

Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings

"Lofgren, no stranger to audiophiles, has standard recordings so good — the music, of course, warrants attention regardless of the sound quality — that 'Keith Don't Go' has long been a show demo fave. This set from 1997, recorded when 'unplugged' was cool, is exactly what you'd want from a stellar guitarist with a distinctive voice, backed by piano and other guitars: an airy feel, a sense of space, all the requisite woodiness, the twang accounted for in a vivid manner that will make you wish you owned Quad '57s." — Sound Quality = 89% - Ken Kessler, HiFi News, August 2016

Guitarist and singer-songwriter Nils Lofgren in 1997 released a small treasure for longtime fans. Acoustic Live captures Lofgren alone in front of an appreciative audience, knocking out such favorites as "You," "No Mercy" and "Keith Don't Go," plus six new songs. Even with the new songs, there are no real revelations, only a selection of little gems that will put a smile on your face as you listen.

Yes, this is a digital recording. True to our company principles, Analogue Productions in almost all cases reissues recordings only where the analog master tape is available. However, there are rare exceptions that whether digitally recorded or otherwise, a recording is so outstanding it's worthy of the highest quality vinyl reissue.

Along with his work as a solo artist, Lofgren has marked more than 25 years as a member of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band as well as a former member of Crazy Horse and Grin. Lofgren joined Neil Young's band in 1968 at age 17, playing piano on the album After the Gold Rush. Lofgren would maintain a close musical relationship with Young, appearing on his Tonight's the Night album and tour among others. He was also briefly a member of Crazy Horse, appearing on their 1971 LP and contributing songs to their catalogue. From '71 to '74 Lofgren was active in Grin, the band he founded in '69. Solo albums and tours followed every year through the 1970s as Lofgren established himself as a top guitarist and live performer earning the respect and acclaim of his peers. Bruce Springsteen made the call in 1984 and Lofgren joined the E-Street Band for the Born in the USA tour. Lofgren was an instant hit with Springsteens fans through his playing and vibrant on stage persona. Lofgren remains a stalwart of the E-Street Band to the present day.

"Acoustic Live is an interesting and charming album from Nils Lofgren in 1997 as he follow on in the Unplugged tradition that became popular in the 1990s. It was actually recorded at The Barns Of Wolftrap, Vienna in Virginia on January 18th, 1997." —


1. You
2. Sticks and Stone
3. Some Must Dream
4. Little On Up
5. Keith Don’t Go
6. Wonderland
7. Big Tears Fall
8. Believe
9. Black Books
10. To Your Heart
11. Man In The Moon
12. I’ll Arise
13. Blue Skies
14. Tears On Ice
15. All Out
16. Mud In Your Eye
17. No Mercy

Customer Reviews (4.89 Stars) 9 person(s) rated this product.

Great recording

posted on 02/14/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ken
Many good songs here. Recording is great. You can hear all the detail of his guitar. Very close miked. "Keith Don't Go" is awesome. No wonder many folks use it to demo their equipment.

beutifully recorded

posted on 09/03/2020
4 Stars
the performers are right in front of you. very much like jazz at the pawnshop. its the feeling of presence that makes the music stands out. however, music value is just okay. my second track is scratched. other than that, its almost perfect.


posted on 06/26/2019
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ian
My copy arrived yesterday and I gave it a spin immediately. So impressed! Quality of the vinyl and sound are outstanding. Well worth the investment and anyone debating making this purchase, don’t. You will not be disappointed. Musicianship is also superb and if you’re not familiar with Nils guitar skills then this record is the one that will give you a great overview of what Nils is all about. May become my reference demo vinyl for friends, it’s that good.


posted on 12/26/2018
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin
Wow,outstanding recording,it sounds so cristal clear,great job??

Nils is a MASTER !!!

posted on 01/09/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: kennybob
I have been a fan of Nils Lofgren since his first album. I purchased "Acoustic LIVE" on the original RYKODISC label back in the 90's. Could not believe how great the performance was then and how phenomenal this reissue sounds. Cannot wait for the SACD. Want to compare to the original disc. Note: if you love great acoustic guitar and poetic lyrics, then this album in any form, should be in your collection.

Took a chance, unfamiliar with Nils' work

posted on 10/09/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bill
On a recommendation at my local record store, I took a chance on this one as I was unfamiliar with Nils Lofgen's solo work. Very happy I did! The music is meaningful, well performed, and all around excellent. This is why I still frequent my local record store! I would have never picked this up otherwise.

As far as sonics? An absolute incredible live recording. Whoever engineered this one got it right. Digital or not, it doesn't matter to me. I only can report on what I hear, and I can't get enough. Thanks to whoever made this release happen.

Stunning, amazing recording, amazing music!

posted on 10/04/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Robert
I have been hoping this one would be released on vinyl for years. Nils truly is one of the great under appreciated talents. If you are a fan of great acoustic guitar music, don't miss this one!

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