Rickie Lee Jones - The Other Side Of Desire

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The Other Side of Desire



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Rickie Lee Jones finds inspiration in New Orleans on new album!

Includes an album download and one bonus song!

"... a blend of bravado and vulnerability [that] wavers on indefinable borders'" — Rolling Stone

Rickie Lee Jones didn't write any new music for a decade because, she says, "I could not write," she tells The Wall Stree Journal.

Two-time Grammy winner Rickie Lee Jones exploded onto the pop scene with her groundbreaking self-titled debut and has fearlessly experimented with her sound and persona over 15 critically acclaimed albums.

Her latest, The Other Side of Desire was written, recorded and rooted in the city of New Orleans, where Jones lives on the opposite side of the street made famous by Tennessee Williams. Produced by John Porter (of Roxy Music) and Mark Howard, this is the first new music Jones has written in over a decade.

"This work is inspired by many years of sitting with all the events of my life until I had something to paint with," says Rickie. "I came to New Orleans to write and to live a different way than what I have known on the west coast... Here is another record then, made of my imagination, and whatever else that has no words, using the clay of this place and the shapes of my eyes to form some kind of picture of my life, or my heart, that I alone can understand, and hopefully that others can enjoy."


Side 1
1. Jimmy Choos
2. Valtz De Mon Pere (Lover’s Oath)
3. J’ai Connais Pas
4. Blinded By The Hunt
5. Infinity

Side 2
6. I Wasn’t Here
7. Christmas In New Orleans
8. Haunted
9. Feet On The Ground
10. Juliette
11. Finale; (A Spider In The Circus Of The Falling Star)

Customer Reviews (3.00 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

The Wild One Unexpected

posted on 08/30/2015
3 Stars
Reviewer: Triodeotl
Been a while since we had a new Rickie Lee. I was looking forward to this but its sound is disappointing. There is a lack of fidelity compared to any of her older albums, Lots of good material but it lacks recorded excitement. Its comparable to being recorded thru gauze. The sound is really filtered out. The lack of fidelity. Digital schlock at its worse. Notice this a lot on many LP's lately. For instance Pat Travers, Tom Petty, Gov't Mule are examples. Hope this does not keep up and this is a fluke? Perhaps someone can fix this with a high quality reissue? Anyone listening? We love you Rickie Lee give me the great sound that I expect. Love the material. +++ Anyone listening...............................


posted on 06/24/2015
3 Stars
Reviewer: Al Iossi
Not sure what to think the quality was well mastered and pressing was good. The music was like she was in a dream not rockin and poppin like her older LP's. I don't think I will play it often too bad the quality was good, strange.

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