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2016 Grammy Award winner - Best Alternative Music Album, Best Rock Song ("Don't Wanna Fight), Best Rock Performance ("Don't Wanna Fight"), Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical

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Alabama Shakes presents their new album Sound & Color featuring "Don't Wanna Fight" and "Gimme All Your Love."

"We took our time to write this record, and I'm really glad we did," says Brittany Howard, lead singer and guitarist of Alabama Shakes, about the band's new album. "We were able to sit down and think about what's exciting to us, explore all the things we wanted to on our first album. This record is full of genre-bending songs — it's even harder now when people ask, ‘What kind of band are you?' I have no clue."

The album's 12 songs reveal a band honed by years on the road, and drawing from a wide range of influences. The bluesy groove of "Shoegaze" or the garage-rock freakout on "The Greatest" give way to the psychedelic space jam "Gemini." The gently swaying, chiming title song opens the album with what Howard calls "more of a visual thing, I think of this whole scene going in," then explodes into the urgent, tightly-coiled funk of "Don't Wanna Fight." Long instrumental intros and passages create hazy atmosphere, and then the intensity of Howard's vocals snaps everything back into riveting focus.

Side 1
1. Sound & Color
2. Don’t Wanna Fight
3. Dunes
4. Future People

Side 2
5. Gimme All Your Love
6. This Feeling
7. Guess Who
8. The Greatest
9. Shoegaze

Side 3
10. Miss You
11. Gemini
12. Over My Head

Side 4

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