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Power Cords

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The Absolute Sound - 2013 Editors' Choice Awards
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The most often overlooked upgrade in high-performance music or film playback systems is the A/C power cable. After all, how can just replacing the stock power cord change the sound? The reality is that improving the quality of your component’s A/C cable can have a profound effect on the system’s sound, often rivaling changing interconnects or speaker wires. The finest power cables should combine the qualities of wide-bandwidth, ultra low resistance and low impedance coupled with the highest quality conducting and dielectric materials. The Audience PowerChord’s unique stranded design makes them the most flexible and user-friendly to install. Once the PowerChords are in place you will be amazed by the lowered noise floor and removal of several layers of grunge and veiling that has been robbing your system from achieving its best sound.
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The best under $1000 power cable available

posted on 08/27/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Donald Scarinci
Power cords make a noticeable improvement in sound quality by improving dynamic contrast or "blackness"--the space between notes. You need to throw away the power cord that comes with your audio components and get a good one.

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