Soundsmith - Sotto Voce Ruby cantilever and Nude CL stylus




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The SOTTO VOCE overturns the myth that MC type cartridges are the only path to perfection. With 40% lower effective moving mass than the other Soundsmith high-output cartridges; The SOTTO VOCE is faster, smoother, more musical and without the sonic “signature” that MC cartridges produce.
The ultra-low mass OC-CL stylus tip and the single crystal ruby cantilever contribute to an overall sonic presentation that has given The SOTTO VOCE bragging rights as possibly one of the best medium-output cartridge in production today! The SOTTO VOCE is a medium output version of The VOICE which has been recognized industry-wide and has won numerous “product-of-the-year” awards.

Technical Specifications:

Soundsmith medium output cartridges require a minimum load of 1500 Ohms, and may be used all the way up to 47K Ohms. The capacitive loading is not terribly critical, but does have an effect. Anything from 100 – 400 Pf will help tune it a bit.

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