Bob Dylan - Shot Of Love

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Reflective lyrics with flashes of brilliance from the master poet! "Lenny Bruce," "The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar," "Trouble," "Every Grain of Sand," and more.

"Shot of Love finds Dylan still in born-again mode, but he's starting to come alive again — which isn't as much a value judgment as it is an observation that he no longer seems beholden to repeating dogma, loosening up and crafting songs again. And it's not just that his writing is looser, the music is, too, as he lets himself — and his backing band — rock a little harder, a little more convincingly." — AllMusic

Side 1
1. Shot of Love
2. Heart of Mine
3. Property of Jesus
4. Lenny Bruce (Album Version)
5. Watered-Down Love (Album Version)

Side 2
1. The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar
2. Dead Man, Dead Man (Album Version)
3. In the Summertime
4. Trouble (Album Version)
5. Every Grain of Sand

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