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Thirty years into one of the most storied careers in popular music, Emily Saliers decided to record her debut album.

"What's a 53-year-old woman doing making her first solo record?" muses Saliers, best known as one half of the iconic duo Indigo Girls. "What compels someone like me to follow this strong attachment to rhythmic music?"

Murmuration Nation answers those questions both passionately and profoundly. In this "post-fac" era in which we find ourselves living today, Saliers' fearless voice and insightful perspective feel more vital and relevant than ever before. The songs also reveal a new side of Saliers' artistry, one that even her most ardent fans might not expect to hear.

Paste magazine writes: "While there are songs on the record that wouldn't be out of place on an Indigo Girls release, others venture into completely new territory, anchored by R&B, funk and jazz rhythms. Longtime fans will notice the lack of acoustic guitar as much as the lack of Amy Ray's voice. But they'll also find familiar subject matter that marks all of Saliers's songwriting: a righteous fury about the injustice she sees around her, and an optimism that love will sustain us through the worst the world can throw at us."


1. Spider
2. Fly
3. Match
4. OK Corral
5. Serpent Love
6. Long Haul
7. Sad One
8. Slow Down Day Friend
9. I’m High I’m On High
10. Poethearted
11. Hello Vietnam
12. Train Inside
13. 331 (bonus track)
14. Second Coming (bonus track)
15. J’aurais Voulu (bonus track)

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