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Back for more! Analogue Productions announces RCA Living Stereo Reissue Series No. 2!

Twenty-five new LSC titles will delight and astound classical music buffs with unbelievable clarity and tonal richness

Our initial 25-title RCA Living Stereo Reissue Series from Analogue Productions was a huge, well-received success. Are you ready for more?

We are! Announcing Analogue Productions' RCA Living Stereo Reissue Series No. 2, with 25 newly-remastered classical titles on LP and Hybrid SACD to delight and astound your ears with their clarity and warm, rich tone. As with our first highly-regarded LSC series, previous editions have been improved upon — from the mastering, to the LP pressing, to the faithfully duplicated original artwork, "Living Stereo" logo, "Shaded Dog" label and all!

Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound from the original master tapes, most of which are 3-track, cut at 33 1/3, and plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings — no other editions match these for the quietest 200-gram platters available. Impeccable. The series will also be released on Hybrid SACD (most will be 3-channel).

This second set of 25 LSC reissues features composers such as Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Bartok, Shostakovich, Chopin, Beethoven and more. Great soloists such as Jascha Heifetz, Arthur Rubinstein and Julian Bream perform, while masters such as Fritz Reiner with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler with the Boston Pops, and Stanislaw Skrowaczewski with the New Symphony Orchestra of London, conduct.

RCA's "golden age" era was more like a "golden minute" — in a scant period, roughly from 1958 to 1963, the beginning of the stereo era — pure vacuum tube amplification helped produce recordings demonstrating unparalleled fidelity and warmth, lifelike presence and midband illumination. 

"Shaded Dog" lovers can revel in these gloriously remastered, meticulously recreated albums that beg to be played and enjoyed. These limited edition releases will be offered by subscription, as well as individually.

Subscribers are charged only as the records ship and enjoy free shipping. To sign up for our Series Subscriptions, call us at 800-716-3553 or email

Rejoice, classical music lovers, and don't delay. Preorder your selections from this unbelievable-sounding collection today!

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