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The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys' Party! Uncovered And Unplugged Product No: XUNI601841F88
Available: InStock
Category: FLAC 88kHz/24bit Download
Label: Capitol Catalog MKT

Not a big improvement over the CD edition

3 Stars
Posted Thursday, December 17, 2015 by Anonymous Stick with the reasonably priced 2-CD edition, which can be found at most dealers for a typical $20. The High Rez version is not a big improvement over the CD edition. These are 1965 3-track recordings. Until now, High Rez download releases equivalent in length to 2-CD album typically sold for $29.95, so Capitol's greed to price this collection at $51 is appalling. By now, I've found the Hi-Rez version "elsewhere" and for "much less". This sort of greedy pricing will kill off the High-Rez music fad. I only hear the difference (between High-rez and CD) in roughly one-third of High-Rez albums that I've "Obtained".

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Products