Acoustic Sounds' Own In-House Original Label - APO Records Looking for the real blues? That authentic blues that makes your spine tingle? Well, you've found it. APO Records has but one goal - to capture deep, true blues through audiophile recordings. From world-renowned Blue Heaven Studios, a church-turned-recording studio, to our choice in mastering, to our in-house pressing plant - Quality Record Pressings - down to the stock of paper and printing quality we choose for our deluxe album booklets, APO Records consistently spends more to bring deserving artists exceptional records. In addition to authentic blues, APO has recorded a couple of female vocal titles by Nancy Bryan and a jazz title by Myra Taylor.
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Dan Dyer - Dan Dyer Direct-To-Disc Product No: AAPO 012
Available: InStock
Category: D2D Vinyl Record
Label: APO Records

Unveiled Clarity

4 Stars
Posted Tuesday, January 18, 2011 by Anonymous Excellent pressing. Nice packaging. Extremely clear unveiled sonics. Occassional vocal siblence. Dan's vocals are strong, but his back up singer is flat at times. Musicianship is good, although not a lot of excitement. But it is a very pleasing record to listen to because it sounds "real" most music today does not. I am glad I purchased this direct-to-disc. It is my first and I will most probably add others to my collection, as it is very nice to hear "real" for a change...

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Products