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Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life Product No: CECMJ 9061 SA
Available: LimitedStock
Category: SHM Single Layer SACDs
Label: ECM

The single greatest recording of 1975

5 Stars
Posted Sunday, March 12, 2023 by Jimmy James Was blown away upon hearing this album back in 1977 and I'm still blown away in 2023. I think I bought this SACD last year but had misplaced in my collection. Found it on a rainy day and rejoiced. This recording is just sublime. Pat and Jaco were just the perfect pairing at the perfect time. Think what could have been had they remained together (and alive in Jaco's case) to have been creating this kind of music for almost 50 years. The world would be a different place. In case of this SACD treatment, the price of entry is a tough pill to swallow but it's totally worth it. There is truely more there, there. A whole lot more depth to the instruments. Jaco's bass has a much fuller, bolder sound. I always thought the original ECM cd sounded terrible but the music was too good for that to matter too much. Well, here that veilled, thin sound is gone thank goodness. Rejoice!

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Products