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The Lost Live Series from Sam Records!

Never-before-released The Heath Brothers Paris '76 live recordings

First release with full permission and cooperation of the INA (Institut Naational de l'Audiovisuel)

Sam Records is proud to present a live recording the band gave in Paris at Studio 104, Maison de la
Radio, on April 16, 1976. In addition to a superb version of "One for Juan," the band perform two tracks
from the Marchin' On! album, "Watergate Blues" and a wonderful version of "Smilin' Billy."

"That was the first Heath Brothers album. Stanley Cowell had started the Strata-East label with Charles
Tolliver, and they engaged us to do a record. It was a family affair, and we adopted Stanley because we
thought he was amazing. That was a different type of record for us. We recorded it while we were on tour
in Oslo, Norway. We used to get on the train and travel around Europe, and we'd be playing in these
cabins on the train. Percy played a bass with a cello body that Ray Brown created, Tootie and I played
flutes, and Stanley played a chromatic African thumb piano. People would stop and listen to us on these trains going from one country to the next, and it was something that they liked. It was like a chamber-music group. So we decided to include that sound on the record." — Jimmy Heath in I Walked With Giants: The Autobiography of Jimmy Heath



Side A
One for Juan (J. Heath)
Watergate Blues (P. Heath)

Side B
Smilin' Billy (J. Heath)

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