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Frank Sinatra LPs cut for Capitol Records between 1953 and 1961 are a chronicle of singing that electrified fans.

"When he moved to Capitol in 1952, Sinatra was facing a crisis: dumped by Columbia, the swing era he was reared in already gone, his career seemed in tatters. It was "From Here to Eternity" and the advent of the long-playing record that saved him," writes The Guardian.

The great arranger Nelson Riddle and the legendary Frank Sinatra were perfectly made for each other. Together they recorded the best Sinatra music that we enjoy listening to always and forever. Driven by a set of lush, sparkling Riddle arrangements, Moonlight Sinatra is a low-key, charming collection. Although the basic concept is somewhat nebulous — all of the songs have the word "moon" in the title — Riddle wrote a series of charts that suggest a warm, lovely evening with a variety of tones and moods, from light Latin rhythms to sweet ballads.

Although the album is a minor entry in Sinatra's catalog, it is nevertheless an enjoyable, romantic listen. Half of the songs on Moonlight Sinatra were originally associated with Sinatra's idol Bing Crosby, making the album something of a loose tribute.

Side 1
1. Moonlight Becomes You
2. Moon Song
3. Moonlight Serenade
4. Reaching For the Moon
5. I Wished On the Moon

Side 2
6. Oh, You Crazy Moon
7. The Moon Got In My Eyes
8. Moonlight Mood
9. Moon Love
10. The Moon Was Yellow

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