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FLAC 88kHz/24bit Download

FLAC 88kHz/24bit Download

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The Coffeehouse DSD Playlist No. 1 was done for the T.H.E. Audio Show in Newport Beach, California as a kickoff for the Revelation9 (Rev9) system. This release includes the complete album provided in two different formats! Enjoy and compare the FLAC 88.2 and MP3 320 versions of nine tracks spanning David Elias' journey through the evolution of High Resolution Audio!

From singer/songwriter David Elias:
"In 1999 and 2000 I started listening to a new digital recording format called Direct Stream Digital (DSD) that was being developed as an archive format by Sony and Philips. This alternative to analog tape was needed to preserve the master library of recordings to date. I was astounded by what I was hearing from the get go as transfers from master tapes to DSD on a prototype workstation.

"Shortly after that I was experimenting with a bare bones 3-mic, 2-track, no mixer direct recording to DSD with Gus Skinas at Wind Over The Earth in Boulder, Colorado. It was just me and a guitar and three of owner Mickey Houlihan's excellent mics plus preamp. Stark images. Undeniably accurate and honest.

"From there the coffeehouse feel and incentive stayed alive and well through a number of DSD projects starting with The Window SACD release in 2003. As equipment and costs continue to work their inverse magic, the power of DSD recording is now (suddenly?) a home studio and field reality. The same is true for playback of this beautifully natural sounding media. Gone is the box around the sound. The image is as live and fragrant as roasted Ka'u coffee.

"So here is my own work from various DSD releases since those beginning years in High Resolution Audio (HRA). With Rev9 I have created my Coffeehouse DSD Playlist No. 1 as a recognition of long trails of roots to some very fine sources of inspiration and art. Mahalo Nui Loa to all of those inspirations and guides. Aloha!" — David Elias.

1. The Old King (from the album The Window)
2. Half an Hour Away (from the album The Window)
3. Rodeo On A Ridge (from the album Acoustic Trio)
4. Mend My Mind (from the album Crossing)
5. Close My Eyes (from the album Crossing)
6. Morning Light – Western Town (from the album Crossing)
7. Vision Of Her (from the album Acoustic Trio)
8. Poor Polly (Single)
9. Aspen Rose (Single)

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