Henry Mancini - Peter Gunn

 (From The NBC Television Series)


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Hybrid Stereo SACD
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From The NBC Television Series

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From The NBC Television Series

Now on Hybrid Stereo SACD!

Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound from the original analog tape!

"Analogue Productions has followed its highly regarded series of classical RCA Living Stereo SACDs with three of Mancini's biggest hit albums. ("Peter Gunn" was groundbreaking) because it was the first time jazz was used as both source music and dramatic underscore for a TV show. ... Mancini's music was further enhanced by some of the best jazz musicians in the country, including Pete Candoli (trumpet), Rolly Bundock (bass), Ted Nash (alto sax), Dick Nash and Milt Bernhart (trombones), Jack Sperling (drummer), Larry Bunker (vibes), and a young jazz pianist named Johnny T. Williams (who over the next half-century would become the most popular film composer of all time). The driving theme from "Peter Gunn," of course, was a runaway hit that became the show's signature." — Arthur Lintgen, The Absolute Sound, April 2017.

"Soundtrack buffs are in for a treat because Chad Kassem's label is reissuing a number of Henry Mancini discs, and this gem from 1959 stands proud as much for being a stunning big band/jazz album as it does a score for a TV show. The first Grammy recipient for Album of the Year, it's an evocative, moody set that perfectly suited the noir atmosphere of the hugely successful detective series that ran from 1958 to 1961. I'm old enough to recall the soundtrack — it signalled my bedtime — and it still sends chills, images of rainy nights, trench coats and other private eye tropes. The orchestra included Victor Feldman, Paul Horn, soundtrack-wizard-to-be John Williams, Shelley Manne and other studio maestri. Fabulous!" — Sound Quality = 94% Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, October 2016

This is not only a great album but a key piece of jazz and pop music history. Back in 1958, "Peter Gunn" was one of the unexpected hits of the new television season, capturing the imagination of millions of viewers by mixing private eye action with a jazz setting. Composer Henry Mancini was more than fluent in jazz, and his music nailed down the popularity of the series. With the main title theme, a driving, ominous, exciting piece of music to lead off the album, The Music From Peter Gunn became a huge hit, charting extraordinarily high for a television soundtrack and doing so well that RCA Victor came back the next year asking for a second helping (More Music From Peter Gunn) from Mancini.

The music holds up: "Session At Pete's Pad" is a superb workout for trumpets of Pete Candoli, Uan Rasey, Conrad Gozzo and Frank Beach, while Barney Kessel's electric guitar gets the spotlight during "Dreamsville." "Sorta Blue" and "Fallout" are full-ensemble pieces that constitute quintessential "cool" West Coast jazz of the period. Now The Music From Peter Gunn is back bigger and better than ever!  Now available as a Hybrid Stereo SACD. This Hybrid SACD plays in both CD and SACD players, as well as all SACD-compatible DVD players. A great title, a brilliant reissue — what could be better? Exceptional!

1. Peter Gunn
2. Sorta Blue
3. The Brothers Go To Mother’s
4. Dreamsville
5. Session at Pete’s Pad
6. Soft Sounds
7. Fallout!
8. The Floater
9. Slow And Easy
10. A Profound Gass
11. Brief and Breezy
12. Not From Dixie

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Mancini at His Best!

posted on 05/16/2020
5 Stars
If you are a fan of Mancini or Jazz, this is for you. I was not familiar with the other tracks on this compilation as I bought this for the Peter Gunn theme; however, all tracks are fantastic making for a very enjoyable listening experience start to finish. Buy this now! The extreme audio dynamics of this piece (ex: brass stinging notes loudly) exploits DSD/SACD capability of fully resolving the audio better than any other type of music that comes to mind. The DSD/SACD resolution is so great that you can hear when clipping occurs on the original master tape during the theme; I imagine that was Mancini’s intent. Otherwise all resonance and details are heard with the utmost clarity.

This is a great disc to demonstrate the comparison of vinyl, reel to reel, and CD vs DSD/SACD. Vinyl, reel to reel, and CD are dead! Long live the new king, DSD/SACD!

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