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Third release from American classic rock band masterminded by Tom Scholz, originally released in September 1986.

Fans by the millions pledged their allegiance to Boston back when the group's debut album and their massive hit single, "More Than A Feeling," ruled the airwaves in America's bicentennial year. But then the once-great nation of Boston fans waited—and waited—while their favorite band managed just one more album over the next 10 years.

Not one to be rushed, producer and lead guitarist Tom Scholz, an MIT-educated perfectionist, tinkered with Boston's third album for the better part of a decade before finally releasing it in 1986. Late though it may have been in coming, Boston's Third Stage blasted straight to the top of the pop album charts, reaching the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 two months after its release in 1986.

But if long-suffering Boston fans who cued Third Stage up on their turntables were somewhat confused by what they heard, they could be forgiven, writes Far from reflecting a creative evolution of the kind one might expect after eight years of silence, Boston's long-awaited third album sounded almost identical to their first two: Boston (1976) and Don't Look Back (1978). In fact, Tom Scholz completed "Amanda"—the No. 1 single that powered Third Stage up the album charts—way back in 1980. But in his own words, "It set a standard for everything else I had to do... I felt I had to complete the album in a way that would do justice to that song."

1. Amanda
2. We're Ready
3. The Launch A) Countdown B) Ignition C) Third Stage Separation
4. Cool The Engines
5. My Destination
6. A New World
7. To Be A Man
8. I Think I Like It
9. Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me) / Still In Love
10. Hollyann

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