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The album Bo Diddley was rock and roll's Big Bang, dripping with grease and humor and understated swagger. The simplest ingredients — a guitar, a drum and maracas — were packed in a gunny sack and slung over the shoulder of a smiling guy with a slick process and a wild plaid jacket, who took it and ran headfirst into oncoming traffic. Reckless, yet crazy cool. He made it sound easy. Geniuses can do that.

"For anyone who wants to play rock 'n' roll, real rock 'n' roll, this is one of the few records that you really need. Along with Chuck Berry, Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and a few select others, Bo Diddley was one of the founders of the form — and he did it like no other. Diddley had only one real style, that being the Bo Diddley beat: a syncopated, rhythmic drive, loaded with tremolo. There are 12 examples of it on this record, and that is about all you need. It's one of those records that, after listening to just a few cuts, will find you tapping the beats on every available surface. Diddley's guitar and vocals have a gruff feeling that recalls bluesmen such as Waters, yet he has his own style. Buttressed by drums, funky piano, and usually maracas, it's absolutely infectious. This is one of the greatest rock sounds that you're likely to hear, and it's all on this one record, too." —


Side 1
Bo Diddley
I’m A Man
Bring It To Jerome
Before You Accuse Me
Hey Bo Diddley
Dearest Darling

Side 2
Hush Your Mouth
“Say Boss Man”
“Diddley Daddy”
“Daddy Wah Diddey”
Who Do You Love
Pretty Thing

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Genesis of rock

posted on 02/27/2019
5 Stars
Reviewer: Josh Paul
This is Bo's first lp. It was the birth of the beat that was rock and roll. There is a brief review from that is included on the web page for this album. It summarizes Bo's contribution to popular music, though his significance can't be measured; Sixties rock wouldn't exist without this man, "I'M A MAN". He influenced so many artists who followed.

This reissue is from Sundazed, which says it was remastered from the original analog source tapes. That fact may explain the price.There are less expensive reissue editions to be got, but not from Acoustic Sounds.

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