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The first in a series of definitive editions of classic Yes albums!

New hi-res 5.1 Surround mix

Original album mix in a hi-res flat transfer from the original stereo master tape

New album mix in high resolution stereo

Instrumental version of new album mix (Blu-ray Audio version only)

Alternate version of The Yes Album drawn from live tracks, singles edits and an extended mix

All mixes by Steve Wilson

The Yes Album is the second in a series of remixed and expanded albums by Yes to be released via Panegyric.

The Blu-ray/CD edition is presented in a mini vinyl replica gatefold card sleeve with booklet featuring new sleeve notes by Sid Smith, along with rare photos and archive material. The album has been mixed for 5.1 Surround Sound from the original studio masters by Steven Wilson and is fully approved by Yes. Also included is a new stereo mix, a flat transfer of the original mix, and other live/studio bonus material.

The third album by Yes, originally released in 1971, was their first album with guitarist Steve Howe (replacing Peter Banks) and features the song "I've Seen All Good People". The album became a commercial and critical success and was the group's breakthrough album peaking at number 4 in the UK and number 40 in the U.S.

• Blu-Ray Audio and CD
Blu-Ray Audio Features:
• Presented in DTS-HD Master Audio
• Album Mixed in 5.1 Surround
• New Album mix
• Original album mix (flat transfer)
• New Album mix (instrumental version)
• Alternate version of The Yes Album drawn from live tracks, singles, edits & extended mix

Side 1
Yours Is No Disgrace
Starship Trooper
A. Life Seeker
B. Disillusion
C. Wurm

Side 2
I’ve Seen All Good People
A. Your Move
B. All Good People
A Venture
Perpetual Change

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

Yes - The Yes Album Blu- Ray Audio

posted on 09/11/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mark Powers
This 5.1 is at the very least my definitive Yes disc unless they come out with a hologram in my living room of the band playing live. The 3rd album for Yes, remastered to 5.1 in 2014. Complicated little bugger as there are actually too many choices for me. I listened to the 2014 Stereo CD in my Ford with factory stereo and it sounded as good as I have ever heard. I listened to the 5.1 Surround mix on the home system and they nailed it, best I can say. I listened via the DTS mode in 5.1 and was stunning. The analog external out 5.1 was fantastic, just that the DTS had a bit more punch. With these two discs you have 8 ways of listening to the same thing, that's why a bit much for me. Paper package and liner notes are great. Onscreen audio setup and choices are easy. Steven Wilson did a spectacular job. Glad I have it.

Must Have!

posted on 07/16/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Yeeeehaa
If you have a Blu-ray player and even a half decent 5.1 system buy this now. Don't think about it, or ask your spouse or your Mom or anyone! Just get it. The mixes are phenomenal you WILL hear things that were buried in the original. Agree with Catdaddy, this release crushes Close to the Edge in every aspect. It even smells better. Seriously the way they loaded the back with the heavy content and space leaving the front speakers to deliver the immaculately pure, crisp, clean vocals and guitars plus a wisp of synthesizer that floats around. Not gimmicky like a lot of the 5.1 stuff, the choices they made on localization just feel nearly perfect. I only say nearly because Quadrophenia is the new benchmark for the format IMHO. So if you are still reading this jabber someone else is getting the last copy. Get it and crank it up, You're welcome! Forgot to mention the additional material! How about an instrumental 5.1 mix. Put you yabo's in a vice and try to sing like Jon Anderson! YeeeeHaa!

Yes, you do need to buy it again.

posted on 07/10/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Catdaddy
Though I am still skeptical about any edition billing itself as "definitive," this seems to be. Steven Wilson's new 5.1 mix manages to be both immersive and impossibly lush while still remaining as clear and wary of compression as the classic studio mix.

If anything, this BD is an even more comprehensive and streamlined package than "Close to the Edge," as it even allows for playback without switching on your TV: just press "green" on the BD remote to jump right into the 5.1 LPCM mix (or "yellow" for stereo, if you must.)

The BD again includes older mixes, such as "needle-drop" transfers of the LP without removing the comfortably familiar surface noise. And again, the packaging is sensibly jewel-case sized to fit on your CD shelf.

Yep, you are going to have to buy this album again, too. (May we please have "Tales from Topographic Oceans" in this format, next?)

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