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Melanie De Biasio: Live à Fip du 6 février 2014 by Fipradio

180-gram heavyweight vinyl

Album CD included

"Among the buzzing cyber hive and unrelenting pace of modern life, there is a special place for albums that suspend time. Melanie de Biasio's first album in six years is seven songs of dark, transcendent music. Although deeply entrenched in jazz (she is a classically trained flautist and singer), No Deal's atmosphere lurks in the same place as This Mortal Coil's Lynchian glow, Portishead's sinister authority and Mark Hollis of Talk Talk's smoky self-titled solo album.

"Revered by many in her native country as the Belgian Billie Holiday, she defies this comparison to iconic jazz singers on her cover of Nina Simone's 'I'm Gonna Leave You' — a track Biasio reimagines brilliantly with the neat, clipped enunciation of her bruised yet burly vocals. As the final patters of the album's send-off, 'With All My Love,' dissolve into the ether, the eerie silence that's left is dizzying." The Guardian, April 24, 2014

Side 1
I Feel You
The Flow
No Deal
With Love

Side 2
Sweet Darling Pain
I’m Gonna Leave You
With All My Love

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Beautifully Atmospheric Jazz

posted on 11/21/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jonathan Tinn
Really a must have. Imagine a very jazzy version of The Cowboy Junkies mixed with Nina Simone and that almost describes Melanie De Biasio. Her music is almost trance inducing and her voice is smooth and beautiful. Great album!

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