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Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD

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This Hybrid Stereo SACD features ballroom dance music composed by Strauss & Offenbach and others performed by Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra.

Edmundo Ros was a Trinidadian musician, vocalist, arranger and bandleader who made his career in Britain. He directed a highly popular Latin American orchestra, had an extensive recording career and owned one of London's leading nightclubs.

In August 1940, Ros formed his own rumba band, performing as Edmundo Ros and His Rumba Band. In 1941 he cut his first tracks with Parlophone, the first number being "Los Hijos de Buda". The band played regularly at the Coconut Grove club in Regent Street, attracting members of high society. Ros's bands were always based in London nightclubs or restaurants. The first was the Cosmo Club in Wardour Street; then followed the St Regis Hotel, Cork Street, the Coconut Grove and the Bagatelle Restaurant. At the Bagatelle a visit from Princess Elizabeth and party made his name. The future queen danced in public for the first time to Edmundo's music. In later years his orchestra was often invited to play at Buckingham Palace.

By 1946 Ros owned a club, a dance school, a record company and an artistes' agency. His band grew to 16 musicians and was renamed Edmundo Ros and His Orchestra. His number "The Wedding Samba", 1949, sold three million 78s. His album Rhythms of The South (1958) was one of the first high-quality LP stereo records: it sold a million copies. He was with Decca Records from 1944 to 1974, and altogether he made more than 800 recordings

In 1951 Ros bought the Coconut Grove on Regent Street and in 1964 renamed it Edmundo Ros's Dinner and Supper Club. The club became popular for its atmosphere and music, but it closed in 1965, when legalised casino gambling had drawn away many of its best customers. During the 1950s and 1960s the Ros orchestra appeared frequently on BBC Radio, continuing into the early 1970s on Radio Two Ballroom.

• Remastered by Povee Chan
• DSD Mastering Equipment
• SADiE Digital Precision Mastering


1. Spanish Gypsy Dance (Paso Doble)
2. The Blue Danube (Valse Creole)
3. Barcarolle (Baiao)
4. Capullito De Aleli (Son Rumba)
5. Siboney (Mambo)
6. Isle of Capri (Cha Cha Cha)
7. Colonel Bogey (Merengue)
8. Elizabeth (Samba)
9. Caminito (Tango)
10. April In Portugal (Mambo)
11. Cachita (Guaracha)
12. La Via En Rose (Baion)
13. The Rose In Her Hair (Waltz)
14. Orchids In the Moonlight (Tango)
15. Dolores (Foxtrot)
16. National Emblem (Marcha)

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