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EMT makes a complete line of cartridges for your standard, modern tonearm. The TSD 15 is the logical step up from the classic Denon 103 proving more extension, dynamics and nuance.

The EMT TSD15 N (nude) Super Fineline stereo cartridge is technically identical to TSD 15 with intergral headshell, but instead features standard ½-inch mounting and an improved stylus.

EMT has long been known for its OEM cartridge work and currently manufacturers the classic 1960's and '70's broadcast-style TSD 15 for Brinkmann Audio (currently a class A Stereophile recommended product), Tubaphon, Roksan and several others. Building upon its 60+ year history combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing, EMT has taken their classic TSD 15 design several steps further in materials quality to reach new heights of performance without sacrificing that great sense of dynamics, warmth and musicality.

Technical Specifications

  • Stylus tip radius (µm):     6
  • Diamond/saphir:     Diamond
  • Tracking force (mN):     20-30
  • Mono/stereo:     Stereo
  • Impedance:     2 X 24 Ohm
  • Output transfer level (mVs/cm):     0,21/channel (0.74 ~ 1.05 depending on mVs/cm velocity)
  • Frequency response (Hz):     20...30000
  • Cross talk:     min. 25 dB
  • FIM:     max. 0.5%
  • Vertical tracking angle:     23° (±3°)
  • Compliance:     15 µm/mN
  • Eff. stylus tip mass:     ca. 1 mg
  • Tone arm connection:     EMT tone arm
  • Weight (g):     17.5

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