Groovie Ghoulies - Flying Saucer Rock N Roll

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Heavyweight audiophile green vinyl pressing!

The first three 7" singles compiled for the first time ever

Plus three rare and early bonus tracks never before presented on vinyl

The Groovie Ghoulies were an American pop punk band from Sacramento, California whose music took inspiration from horror movies.

Positively praised by Maximum Rock 'n' Roll's Tim Yohannan upon their original release, the first three 7”s from California's garage/punk legends the Groovie Ghoulies have been compiled for the first time ever on Flying Saucer Rock N Roll. Released to coincide with the group's 30th anniversary, this collection presents the first ten official songs the band ever released on vinyl for the first time in over 25 years.

In addition, the Green Door Recording Company vaults have turned up three primitive and rare studio bonus tracks, newly discovered and available for the first time ever. They were originally dubbed and sold by the band in cassette format in the late 80's. Flying Saucer Rock N Roll captures all the early rawness and energy of the young and eager Kepi as he and his friend Eric just lay down tracks with a drum machine on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder. No laws, no rules, just rock 'n' roll. 

You can hear the presence of many of the bands that remained life-long influences on the band, from the obvious (Rolling Stones, Ramones) to the more sublime (Billy Bragg, Neil Diamond). These recordings are rare and historic, and mark the first of 12 planned releases which will result in a full catalog re-issue from this entertaining and enduring band. These releases will trace the evolution of Groovie Ghoulies, and this album is the first chapter in the story. 

A young Kepi Ghoulie, who didn't even have a full band line-up, felt so driven by the D.I.Y. punk and new wave movement, and the need to create his own brand of hi-energy rock 'n' roll, that he recruited his friend to record his crazy vision like a rock 'n' roll Ed Wood. And so away they went. That dream has not stopped to this day. 30 years and close to 20 full length records later, Kepi is still at it, writing, recording, and touring at a relentless and passionate pace. Thousands upon thousands of Groovie Ghoulies records have been sold over the years. 

Their songs have been placed in B-movies and snow and skateboard videos. The most random and unusual places: that is where you will find Kepi and his 'Ghoulie Family'. Let's relive the magic that provided part of the soundtrack to the lives of so many Southern Californians. It was a scene which grew into part of the East Bay Pop Punk sound, to Asian Man records and now on into the Burger Records generation. Hail Hail Flying Saucer Rock n Roll! Long may it rock, out into the universe, second verse same as the first!

Side 1:
Flying Saucer Rock-N-Roll
Blood Beach
Day In Day Out
Lookout (Here Comes Tomorrow)
Armageddon 2000
We Go So Good Together
2000 Man

Side 2:
Don’t Go Out Into The Rain (You’re Gonna Melt)
Dead End
Child Of The Moon

Bonus Tracks:
Kentucky Woman
Laugh At Me
A New England

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