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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180-gram LP pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Kiss is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the release of their 1974 albums, Kiss (debut album) and Hotter Than Hell, with re-mastered reissues on 180-gram vinyl!

Released in 1977, Kiss's sixth studio album is the first to feature a lead vocal performance by lead guitarist Ace Frehley. This distinguishes the album as the group's first album to feature lead vocals from each of the four band members. Love Gun is also the final album to feature the entire original line-up as Peter Criss would be replaced by Anton Fig for the 1979 album Dynasty.

Paul Stanley
Gene Simmons
Ace Frehley
Peter Criss

1. Love Gun
2. Got Love For Sale
3. Tomorrow And Tonight
4. Christine Sixteen
5. Almost Human
6. Plaster Caster
7. Shock Me
8. Then She Kissed Me
9. I Stole Your Love
10. Hooligan

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