Harry Belafonte - The Many Moods Of Belafonte

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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

45 RPM
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All-analog 45 RPM double LP set

Cut by Kevin Gray from original analog tapes and pressed at RTI

Harry Belafonte has always been a musical chameleon. Using a thick base of folk music, he added blues, soul, jazz, pop and a plethora of various Caribbean styles to create albums that were unique, socially relevant and just plain fun.

Nowhere is his broad, encompassing vision more in effect than on his 1962 release The Many Moods of Belafonte. From the Appalachian miner ballad "Dark as a Dungeon" through Hebrew lullaby "Lyla, Lyla" and even a Broadway ballad ("Try To Remember" from The Fantastiks), there's a little something for everyone. Belafonte himself seems inspired by these tunes, singing with gusto on the fun tracks and with reverential tact on the darker, more emotional material.

Impex Records now presents in association with Audio International in Germany The Many Moods of Belafonte in an exclusive all-analog 45 RPM double LP set. Cut by Kevin Gray from original analog tapes and pressed at RTI, every nuance of RCA's Bob Simpson big stage recording shines through your system.

Prepare for an exciting audio experience through the many moods of a living legend.



Side 1
Tongue Tie Baby
Who’s Gonna Be Your Man
‘Long About Now

Side 2
I’m On My Way To Saturday
Betty An’ Dupree

Side 3
Summertime Love
Lyla, Lyla
Zombie Jamboree

Side 4
Try To Remember
Dark As A Dungeon

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