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Bargain hunters, we have you covered!

A supreme classical and contemporary music CDAD/CHDD set

12 albums on 14 discs, originally retailing for $355; now together for $29.99!

Spring’s arrival is weeks away, but forgive us for feeling in the mood to do some housecleaning. Giving our faithful customers a crack at this awesome collection of CDAD/CHDD titles helps us clear some warehouse space while giving you wonderful music to make your own upcoming spring chores more pleasant!

Two of these titles include both a DVD and CD. Maurice Abravanel’s Berlioz: Requiem contains a stereo disc and a multichannel disc — the stereo disc is encoded with 24 bit 96 kHz information for DVD video players on one side and 24 bit 192 kHz information for DVD Audio players on the other side. The multichannel disc is encoded with Dolby AC-3 multichannel information for DVD video players on one side and 24 bit 96 kHz multichannel information for DVD audio players on the other side. The Berlioz Requiem was recorded in the Morman Tabernacle during the same period as Mahler’s Symphony No. 1; both are four-channel recordings.

Pierre de la Roche’s Canteloube: Songs of the Auvergne, is a Hybrid DVD Audio Disc playable in both DVD audio and video players, as well. This two-sided DVD disc features 24/192 PCM data playable on DVD audio players on one side and 24/96 PCM data playable on DVD video players on the other side. This recording was made famous by Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound, who touted its lifelike qualities.

Get a load of the other artists we have lined up in this 13-album set — you’ll get titles by Dr. John, Lorna Hunt, Art Davis, and more! You really can’t go wrong at this low, low price. Show your music collection some love — make these titles your own, today!



Lorna Hunt – All In One Day (DVD 24/96)
Long Hard Road
Crazy Mary
All In One Day
Trying Not To Blink
Piece Of My Heart
Powdered Diamonds
Wintertime Cowboy
Cut Glass Flowers
Don't Forget Me
Whipping Post
How Long
She Rises
Anyone Like You

Dr. John – The Brightest Smile In Town (DVD 24/96)
Saddled The Cow
Boxcar Boogie
The Brightest Smile In Town
Waiting For A Train
Monkey Puzzle
Touro Infirmary
Medley: A Closer Walk With Thee/ Didn't He Ramble
Average Kind of Guy
Pretty Libby
Marie La Veau
Come Rain Or Come Shine
Suite Home For New Orleans

Kenny Drew Trio - Undercurrent (DVD 24/96)
Lion's Den
The Pot's On
Groovin' the Blues

Terry Evans – Blues For Thought (DVD 24/96)
Too Many Cooks
Hey Mama
Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Didn't Quote That
Natcha Bone Lover
That's the Way Love Turned Out For Me
So Fine
Get Your Lies Straight
Live, Love And Be Friends
Honey Boy
I Want To Be Close To You, God

Leonard Slatkin and Jerzy Semkow - Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky/ Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade (DVD 24/96)
Russia Under the Mongolian Yoke
Song About Alexander Nevsky
The Crusaders in Pskov
Arise Ye Russian People
The Battle On The Ice
Field Of The Dead
Alexander's Entry Into Pskov
Large e maestoso-Allegro non tropo
Kebti-Andantino-Allegro molto
Andantino quasi allegretto
Allegro molto

David Amos - Bloch: Concerto Symphonique (DVD 24/96)
Allegro vivace
Allegro deciso
Scherzo Fantasque for Piano & Orchestra
Tranquillo, misterioso; Allegro

Jimmy Rushing All Stars - Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You (DVD 24/96)
Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You
MJR Blues
St. James Infirmary
Who's Sorry Now
These Foolish Things
Good Morning Blues

Art Davis - A Time Remembered (DVD 24/96)
A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
Everybody's Doing It
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
Art's Boogie
A Time Remembered
Sorrow Uplift Joy

Janos Starker - Starker Plays Baker (DVD 24/94)
Rollins - Tribute to Sonny Rollins
Miles - Tribute to Miles Davis
Yancy - Tribute to Jimmy Yancy
Robeson - Tribute to Paul Robeson
Trane - Tribute to John Coltrane
Duke - Tribute to Duke Ellington
Dizzy - Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie
Sonata - 1st Movement - Fast
Sonata - 2nd Movement - Slow
Sonata - 3rd Movement – Fast

Maurice Abravanel - Berlioz: Requiem (2 DISC)(DVD 24/96 24/192)
Requiem et Kyrie
Dies Irae
Quid sum miser
Rex tremendae
Quaerans me
Agnus Dei

Pierre de la Roche - Canteloube: Songs of the Auvergne (2 DISC)(DVD 24/96 24/192)
Malourous qu'o Uno Fenno
Lo Fiolaire
Tchut, tchut
La Delaissado - The Abandoned
Deux Bourees
Trois Bourees
Lou Boussu - The Hunchback
Oi Ayai - Oh! Ah!
Passo pel prat - Go Through the Neadow
Lou Coucut - The cuckoo
Brezairola – Lullaby

Maurice Abravanel - Mahler: Symphony of a Thousand (DVD 24/96 24/192)
Creator Spiritus
to Die Juengeren Engel... "Jauchzet auf! es ist gelungen
to Una Poenitentium... Er kommt zuruck

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