Roland Kirk - The Limelight: Verve Albums

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AMOS 3006

Vinyl Box Sets

No. of Discs: 4
Note: 180 Gram


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Mastered from the original analog tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound!

First Mosaic set to be pressed at Quality Record Pressings! 180-gram, 4 LP box set

Recording venues include the famed Rudy Van Gelder Studio

Limited to 2,500 copies! Individually Numbered!

"The sound of these remastered discs — the first Mosaic set to be pressed at Chad Kassem's Quality Record Pressings in Salina, Kansas — is warm, clear and detail rich, with woody low notes and rounded highs." — Marc Myers,, May 2014. Read his entire review here:

"This one ... is sure to eventually join the Mosaics going for big bucks online and in used record stores. Highly recommended!" —  Music = 10/11; Sound = 9/11 — Michael Fremer, To read Fremer's full review, click here.

"As Mosaic Records' new 4 LP box set The Limelight/Verve Albums illustrates, Kirk's achievement was sustained through a rare combination of pure skill, purposeful showmanship, uncommon range, sincere eccentricity and ceaseless ambition. And don't forget the blues. ... it's presented on four 180-gram slabs waxed up at Chad Kassem's highly regarded Quality Record Pressings." — Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District, April 2014. Read the entire review, here.

Born Aug. 7, 1936 in Columbus, Ohio, Roland Kirk grew up to become one of the most all-encompassing and unique virtuosos in jazz. Born nearly blind  (his eyes could distinquish light), his first instrument, at age 9, was the trumpet, but his doctor felt that it put too much pressure on his eyes, so he switched to saxophone and clarinet. He was a natural musician and was playing professional gigs while still in high school.

Arguably one of the most exciting saxophone soloists in jazz history, Kirk was a post-modernist before that term even existed. To see Kirk live was like having a safe seat at the core of a typhoon and witnessing a force of nature draw upon the entire history of jazz with dazzling energy, humor and imagination. One of Kirk's trademarks was playing multiple wind instruments at the same time.

The four albums in this set were recorded at some of the finest studios in the New York City area including Nola Studios and Capitol Studios. Rip. Rig And Panic and Now Please Don’t You Cry, Beautiful Edith were two of the three times that Kirk recorded at the famed Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey (the first was his one Prestige album with Jack McDuff). For Rip, Rig and Panic, the rhythm section of Jaki Byard, Richard Davis and Elvin Jones was a dream team for Roland.

All four of these albums have been mastered from their original analog masters by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in New York City. This is the first Mosaic set to be pressed at Chad Kassem’s Quality Record Pressings in Salina, Kansas. About the pressings coming out of QRP, vinyl guru and analog expert Michael Fremer wrote ”All I can say is THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!"

Although Slightly Latin and Now Please Don't Cry, Beautiful Edith are excellent albums, Spirits and Rip, Rig And Panic were two of Roland's proudest moments in a recording studio and remains two peaks among his many achievements.



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LP1 - I Talk With The Spirits
Serenade To A Cuckoo (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
We’ll Be Together Again/People (C. Fischer-F. Laine/B. Merrill-J. Styne)
A Quote From Clifford Brown (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Trees (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Fugue’n And Alludin’ (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
The Business Ain’t Nothin’ But The Blues (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
I Talk With The Spirits (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Ruined Castles (Rentaroh Taki)
Django (John Lewis)
My Ship (K. Weill-I. Gershwin)

LP2 - Rip, Rig And Panic
No Tonic Pres (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Once In A While (M. Edwards-B. Green)
From Bechet, Byas And Fats (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Mystical Dreams (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Rip, Rig And Panic (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Black Diamond (Milt Sealey)
Slippery, Hippery, Flippery (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)

LP3 - Slightly Latin
Walk On By (B. Bacharach-H. David)
Raouf (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
It’s All In The Game (C. Dawes-C. Sigman)
Juarez Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Shakey Money (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Nothing But The Truth (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Safari (Eddie Mathias)
And I Love Her (J. Lennon-P. McCartney)
Ebrauqs (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)

LP4 - Now Please Don't Cry, Beautiful Edith
Blue Rol (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Alfie (B. Bacharach-H. David)
Why Don’t They Know (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Silverlization (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Fall Out (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Now Please Don’t Cry, Beautiful Edith (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
Stompin’ Grounds (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
It’s A Grand Night For Swinging (Billy Taylor)

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