The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds


The ultimate pressings of the Beach Boys discography from Analogue Productions!

Stereo mix produced by Mark Linett under the supervision of Brian Wilson / Mixed by Mark Linett. Pet Sounds was mixed from an assembled digital multi-track master that synced the original 4 track master instrumental with the 4 or 8 track vocal overdub master. The stereo mix was mixed to 15 ips 1/4" analog tape with SR noise reduction.

One of 10 titles featuring 33 1/3 mono and stereo remastered editions: Surfin' USA, Surfer Girl, Little Deuce Coupe, Shut Down Vol. 2, All Summer Long, Today!, Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!), Beach Boys Party!, Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile

Audio production — Mark Linett

For Brother Records — Elliott Lott

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.

Lacquer plating by Gary Salstrom and 180-gram vinyl pressing by Quality Record Pressings!

"These are the best sounding and best-looking versions of the Beach Boys records that have ever been produced. We want everything about these to be better than the original." — Chad Kassem, owner and CEO, Acoustic Sounds

"I just received my copy of the 33 1/3 RPM AP stereo version of Pet Sounds from you, and it completely blew me away in overall sound quality. Excellent job, Chad! BTW, the album cover is also top-notch — everything says quality. With Brian Wilson's talent, along with the musical versatility of the Wrecking Crew and their respect for Wilson's ideas, Pet Sounds demonstrates the brilliance of them both in a time capsule — and AP's remastering is the final excellent touch to bring that out and preserve this enjoyable, thrilling, listening experience. Some say it's the best they have heard of this title. I don't know how it could sound better, so I'll take their word for it — now knowing I own the best analog 33 1/3 RPM stereo recording of this LP." — Mark Swinford

"It was Pet Sounds that blew me out of the water…I love the album so much. I've just bought my kids each a copy of it for their education in life. I figure no one is educated musically 'til they've heard that album." – Paul McCartney

"All of us, Ginger (Baker), Jack (Bruce), and I consider Pet Sounds to be one of the greatest pop LPs to ever be released. It encompasses everything that's ever knocked me out and rolled it all into one." – Eric Clapton

"For those in search of an original mono in pursuit of sonic quality, search no more. This Analogue Productions pressing is now the definitive pressing and the one we chose to feature at our Classic Album Sundays events to honour the 50th anniversary of Pet Sounds, an album that helped change the course of pop music." — Colleen ‘Cosmo' Murphy, Classic Album Sundays

"What I can say is that Kevin Gray has been able to extract every last bit of information from whatever tape is in the box, and present it in a way that is pleasing and natural to the ear. ... in my opinion, the Analogue Productions pressings are now THE definitive issue of each Beach Boys album, and will be my reference copies until if and when something better comes along — which may be never." — Lee Dempsey, Endless Summer Quarterly, Summer 2015 Edition

A musical legacy that began in Hawthorne, California and went on to conquer the world. Analogue Productions presents the ultimate pressings of 14 essential Beach Boys albums! Mastered by Kevin Gray, most from the original master tapes, and plated and pressed by Quality Record Pressings, the finest LP pressing facility in the world, these are awesome recordings to experience. And the look of each album befits its sonic superiority! Presented in "old school" Stoughton tip-on jackets, these time honored favorites shine brighter than the originals!

For the early part of the Beach Boys' career, all of their singles were mixed and mastered and released only in the mono format — they didn't release a single in stereo until 1968. In those days, hits were made on AM radio in mono. And the mono of those times worked well for Brian Wilson — famed co-founder, songwriter and arranger — who suffers from partial deafness. Still, apart from Surfin' Safari, which was mono only, the Beach Boys did turn in stereo masters on all of their early albums up until 1965.

All of the newer stereo mixes on these remastered albums (The Beach Boys Today!Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)The Beach Boys' PartyPet Sounds and Smiley Smile) were done by Mark Linett on behalf of the Beach Boys.

Pet Sounds is famous for its use of multiple layers of unorthodox instrumentation as well as other cutting edge audio techniques for its time. It's considered the best Beach Boys album, and one of the best of the 1960s. The group here reached a whole new level in terms of both composition and production, layering tracks upon tracks of vocals and instruments to create a richly symphonic sound.

Conventional keyboards and guitars were combined with exotic touches of orchestrated strings, bicycle bells, buzzing organs, harpsichords, flutes, Theremin, Hawaiian-sounding string instruments, Coca-Cola cans, barking dogs, and more. It wouldn't have been a classic without great songs, and this has some of the group's most stunning melodies, as well as lyrical themes which evoke both the intensity of newly born love affairs and the disappointment of failed romance (add in some general statements about loss of innocence and modern-day confusion as well). The spiritual quality of the material is enhanced by some of the most gorgeous upper-register male vocals (especially by Brian and Carl Wilson) ever heard on a rock record. "Wouldn't It Be Nice," "God Only Knows," "Caroline No," and "Sloop John B" (the last of which wasn't originally intended to go on the album) are the well-known hits, but equally worthy are such cuts as "You Still Believe in Me," "Don't Talk," "I Know There's an Answer," and "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times." It's often said that this is more of a Brian Wilson album than a Beach Boys recording (session musicians played most of the parts), but it should be noted that the harmonies are pure Beach Boys (and some of their best).

VH-1 named Pet Sounds as the No. 3 album in the Top 100 Albums in Rock 'n' Roll History, as judged in a poll of musicians, executives and journalists. It's been ranked No. 1 in several music magazines' lists of the greatest albums of all time, including NME, The Times and Mojo Magazine. It was ranked No. 2 in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.





Side 1
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
You Still Believe In Me
That’s Not Me
Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
I’m Waiting For The Day
Let’s Go Away For Awhile
Sloop John B

Side 2
God Only Knows
I Know There’s An Answer
Here Today
I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
Pet Sounds
Caroline No

Customer Reviews (4.77 Stars) 13 person(s) rated this product.

ANOTHER HOMERUN!! Analoge Productions 30 competition 0.

posted on 05/21/2024
5 Stars
Reviewer: Chris Dean
Another home run from QRP and Analoge Productions. There releases are just amazing. 33rpm is amazing, and I prefer 33rpm compared to 45rpm only cause I am a lazy SOB. The soundstage is amazing on this release as is the dynamics. All the sounds, tambourines, bicycle bells, and all the effects and the harmonies, man the harmonies, it's like the boys are playing in my listening room. KEVIN GRAY I HAVE ALWAYS SOUGHT OUT YOUR MASTERING, but since you started Cohearent, you guys are just cranking out masterpieces. Do not let the review from Mission Man dissuade you from purchasing this masterpiece. You will not find a better version, and have a 1st pressing and it's just not as good as this release. The vinyl on this release is whisper quite. Thanks you to all involved. Keep them coming...PLEASE.

Absolutely fantastic!

posted on 03/11/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tommy T
This version of Pet Sounds is absolutely fantastic! Mark Linett did a superb job of mixing this album to stereo, and Chad Kassem and Kevin Gray did a fantastic job of mastering and bringing Mark’s stereo mix to the fans. Hearing this version for the first time was a real ear opener, and continues to be with each listen. It’s almost 3D like. I also have the AP SACD version, and it’s top notch as well.

Absolutely Outstanding

posted on 02/25/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Joe M
Do not even hesitate with buying this, it is absolutely amazing. It sounds so natural and real, I've heard things in this that I've never heard before on hi-res Apple Music. At first I had thought that maybe this wouldn't be that different from other pressings but after seeing the amazing bulletproof packaging from Analogue Productions, the surreal experience of hearing The Beach Boys and The Wrecking Crew in my living room, and the beautiful artwork and quality of the jacket from Analogue Productions the only place I will buy my favorite records anymore is on this website.

I don't know what Mission Man is talking about!

posted on 12/20/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brian
Awesome sound. No nasal. Very open sound and good bass. Highly recommended.

Beautifully done album

posted on 03/26/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: etkirsch
This AP stereo remix is very similar to the prior Capitol remix. The stereo effect is fairly restrained and limited to creating a more natural sound stage – you’re not going to hear any weird left to right channel stuff going on. Compared to the Capitol remix, the vocals are brought forward and the bass amped up a bit. I personally prefer the forward vocals of the AP mix and the more muted bass of the Capitol mix, but these are simply personal preferences (and ofc, it’s easy enough to turn down the subwoofer if you prefer a more muted bass).

Overall, the sonic quality of the remix is excellent and the sound stage, clarity etc. is superior to the Capitol mix – just note that you will be dealing with increased bass at times.

The vinyl quality is as close to pristine as you can get. Sonically beautiful with no discernible pops, clicks, or cackling even between tracks. Overall, this is an absolutely stunning product and highly recommended for both its

Spectacular! What else can I say?

posted on 03/06/2021
5 Stars

As close as I've ever gotten to a religious experience!

posted on 02/27/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tony
AP pressings of Pet Sounds (Mono & Stereo) + Disc Doctor Miracle Record Cleaner = True Analog Audio Bliss

It's a simple equation, really, but one you've got to 'solve' for yourself. If you don't, you're doing yourself a disservice.

Well done Kevin Gray & AP!


posted on 02/23/2021
2 Stars
Reviewer: Mission Man
Unbelievable! The others who gave this recording 5 stars on a audiophile site must be working for Capital.

The sound is high-pitched and nasal.

Don’t waist your time or money on this Lp remix!

I’d give it one star, but the music is wonderful. It simply hasn’t been remixed professionally or responsibly.

Hopefully a real musician will make that happen soon.

Absolutely awful!

superb audiophile pressing!!!!!!!

posted on 02/06/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: john loper
stereo imaging and every instrument shine on this pressing. For $35.00 plus you cant go wrong! this lp sounds better than a lot of $60.00 plus pressings. Truly astounding what they did with this album!!!!!!!!!!

Chad, and his team of analog experts, really shine on this remaster of Pet Sounds - by Analogue Productions

posted on 07/24/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mark Swinford
With Brian Wilson's talent, along with the musical versatility of the Wrecking Crew and their respect for Wilson's ideas, Pet Sounds demonstrates the brilliance of them both, in a time capsule - and AP's remastering is the final excellent touch to bring that out and preserve this enjoyable, thrilling, listening experience. Some say it's the best they have heard of this title. I don't know how it could sound better, so I'll take their word for it - now knowing I own the best analog 33 1/3 RPM stereo recording of this LP. It is also packaged in a deluxe, high quality, record jacket. Everything says quality.

Absolute best version of this album

posted on 06/02/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Christopher G.
This is hands down the best version of Pet Sounds I’ve ever heard. I have an original Mono LP from 1972, and have heard many other stereo versions of this album over the years. This literally jumps out of my speakers. It’s a reference record, in my opinion. Can’t wait to share this with hi-fi friends when Covid-19 is gone.

A Must have album!!!

posted on 02/17/2020
5 Stars

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