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Headphone Amplifier

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Stereophile - 2018 500 Recommended Components

Housed in matching casework, the Prime Power Supply can be used to power the Prime Headphone Amplifier. With engineering that was developed from the new generation of linear power supplies used in Meridian’s 800 Reference Series components, the Power Supply provides five 12V DC outputs with latching Mini-DIN connectors, plus a USB power output with an associated USB input, allowing USB audio to be passed through the Power Supply to a destination device – ideal for powering a DAC, for example. The Power Supply features multiple levels of regulation and acts as a high-quality, stable power source for the Headphone Amplifier and any audio devices requiring 12V/500mA or USB power. Centralising power to several devices, the separate supply allows improved performance from the devices it powers, providing a clean and noise-free supply.

Product Features:

  • High current, very low noise power supply delivers enhanced performance from a range of Meridian products including the Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier, Audio Core 200, Meridian Director, Media Source 200, and other devices requiring a high-quality 12V power supply
  • Linear power supply design inspired by latest 800 Reference Series supply
  • High-mass, low-profile, low magnetic field, hand-assembled toroidal transformer with integral magnetic screen, plate-mounted to shield electronics from noise
  • Connect multiple devices to a single Power Supply: single wall connection minimises clutter
  • High-quality latching 3-pin mini-DIN high-current power output connectors for reliable connection
  • 5 x 12V 500mA outputs for Meridian components; USB 5V 1A output with USB input for audio pass-through– drives Meridian Director, Explorer, Prime Headphone Amplifier and i80
  • Power input filtering
  • Dual-stage regulation on all outputs, using very low noise linear regulators
  • Multiple capacitors for noise filtering; Nichicon audio-grade reservoir capacitors
  • New, elegant and durable metal enclosure design by Allen Boothroyd, double-skinned for lower noise, offers the distinctive Meridian look with no visible mounting screws
  • Hand made in Meridian’s state-of-the-art headquarters near Cambridge, UK.


  • 1x IEC C3 3-pole connector
  • 1x USB input for audio pass-through


  • 5x latching 3-pin mini-DIN connectors providing 12V dc at up to 500mA
  • 1x USB output for powering external devices, delivering 5V dc at up to 1A. Passes USB data supplied via the pass-through input
  • Outputs include two stages of regulation


  • Front panel power button


  • Illuminated power button shows blue in standby, white when active.


  • Available models include 110–120V ac and 230V ac
  • Consumption 60W max


  • Silver metal finish uniform with G Series


  • Width: 160mm (6.3in); Depth: 150mm (5.9in) plus connectors; Height: 50mm (2.0in)


  • 1.6 kg ( 3.5 lbs

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