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Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD
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Peter, Paul & Mary Album 1700 reissue from Analogue Productions!

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

"Further evidence that PP&M made wonderful-sounding albums, this stunner from 1967 is primarily unplugged and/or lean, lending itself to near-revelatory spatial and tonal qualities. But then this trio always created intimate recordings, and audiophiles who adore harmonies can rank this with Everly Brothers' LPs in their ability to mesh the vocals. This set delivered two smash hits in 'Leaving On A Jet Plane,' in classic folkie style, and the atypical 'I Dig Rock And Roll Music,' with its delightful pastiches of The Mamas & The Papas, Donovan and The Beatles. This album is safe-as-houses, with no surprises, but with the warmth of your favourite scarf." — Sound Quality = 93% Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, October 2016

This is a phenomenal reissue of a significant album for the famed folk rock trio. Album 1700, released in 1967, yielded the group's final hit single (and only No. 1), "Leaving on a Jet Plane." It also yielded graceful folk-rock trappings for their repertoire of originals and covers by, among others, Bob Dylan and Eric Anderson, writes David Wolf for

This is the deluxe Analogue Productions Hybrid SACD treatment. An expert remastering by Kevin Gray of Cohearent Audio. Expertly recreated jacket artwork. A masterpiece.


1. Rolling Home
2. Leaving On A Jet Plane
3. Weep For Jamie
4. No Other Name
5. The House Song
6. The Great Mandella (The Wheel Of Life)
7. I Dig Rock And Roll Music
8. If I Had Wings
9. I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog
10. Whatshername
11. Bob Dylan's Dream
12. The Song Is Love

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The Best Version of A Classic, Favorite Album

posted on 03/10/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jeffrey Fritz
"Album 1700" is, by far, my favorite Peter, Paul & Mary album. I own the original LP and the Warner Brothers CD.

So how does the SACD sound? In a word "fantastic!" The vocals are clean and clear. Dick Kniss' upright acoustic bass is amazing on "Weep for Jamie" and "Whatshername." Clear, clean, strong and powerful-- much more so than on either the LP or CD. You can hear every string on the bass as it's played. The rest of the instruments come through sounding natural and real.

Kevin Gray has somehow figured out how to tame Mary Travers vocals. Mary had a powerful voice that could overload just about any microphone used to record her. How Kevin Gray overcame that is a mystery--but I'm glad that he did.

Tape hiss is audible during the quiet passages. I think that's a good thing because it may mean that processing was kept to a minimum in the remaster.

Kevin Gray's remaster lets me hear what happened in the recording studio back in 1967--and that

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