Cream - Disraeli Gears

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Cream Disraeli Gears SHM SACD (Mono & Stereo)

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Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Rated 114/500!

On Cream's second and most acclaimed album, Disraeli Gears (1967), Bruce, Clapton and Baker reach immense peaks in inspiration and technique. The album moved the band beyond the blues into hard-driving, psychedelic pop. This was the album that not only broke the group in the United States but also established Clapton as an international superstar.

"Disraeli Gears is the most pop-savvy of the British supertrio's studio LPs. Producer Felix Pappalardi harnesses the blues-jazz prowess of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker to colorful, concise songs: 'Strange Brew' (slinky funk), 'Dance the Night Away' (trippy jangle), 'Tales of Brave Ulysses' (a wah-wah freakout written by Clapton with Martin Sharp, who created the kaleidoscopic cover art). The hit single 'Sunshine of Your Love' nearly didn't make the record; the band had trouble nailing it until engineer Tom Dowd suggested that Baker try a Native American tribal beat, an adjustment that locked the song into place." -

  • Label of the disc is printed with a special green ink called 'Onsho Shiyou,' which minimizes diffuse reflection.
  • Carefully selected master audio is used, from existing DSD files to newly converted from analog tapes.
SHM-SACD format is fully compatible with standard SACD players but it does not play on standard CD players. SHM-SACD delivers unbelievably high-quality sound. Japanese import.



1. Strange BREW (stereo)
2. Sunshine of your love (stereo)
3. World of Suffering (stereo)
4. Dancing Through the Night (stereo)
5. Blue Condition (stereo)
6. Ulysses (stereo)
7. So It’s Definitely (stereo)
8. Outside Woman Blues (stereo)
9. Take it Back (stereo)
10. Lodi-Mama (outtake-version 2)
11. Blue Condition (alternate version stereo)
12. Strange Blue (mono)
13. Sunshine & Love (mono)
14. World of Suffering (mono)
15. Dancing Through the Night (mono)
16. Blue Condition (mono)
17. Blue Condition (mono)
18. Ulysses (mono)
19. So It’s Definitely (mono)
20. Outside, the Woman Blues (mono)
21. Take it Back (mono)
22. And the Mother’s Lament (mono)
23. Lodi-Mama (outtake-version 1)
24. Blue Condition (alternate version, mono)

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Good for SACD, but not great

posted on 04/20/2018
3 Stars
I've always been a bit lukewarm to Cream because I never found them as compelling as The Who and Led Zeppelin who all had unusually powerful rhythm sections. I wanted to reconsider after watching the Ginger Baker documentary "Beware of Mr. Baker" where several musicians comment about how much greater Baker was than Moon or Bonham.

This is perhaps Cream's greatest album. The songs and performances are good. I just can't agree that their performance here matches those of other great power trio bands of the time. Which may also be because I don't think Clapton should be mentioned alongside truly great contemporary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, or even Jimmy Page.In terms of the sound itself, this SACD sounds good, but not great. Despite a lot of praise from the audiophile community, I don't care for the sound of about 70% of the SHM-SACD releases and this is one of them. At $60 I'm not sure this one is worth it, or most of the other SHM releases either.

Does also exists as...

posted on 08/22/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Barleyps
...a Platinum SHM-CD limited edition release (both of them plays very well on standard CD players, despite this site warning)

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