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Kuzma - 4Point Tonearm

 (With Single RCA pair)




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Stereophile - 2018 500 Recommended Components Stereophile - 2017 500 Recommended Components
The Absolute Sound - 2013 Editors' Choice Awards
The Absolute Sound - 2012 Editors' Choice Awards

"...I think the Kuzma 4Point pushed more energy down the pipeline. It sounded closer to the sound of the tape than any other arm I've heard...the Kuzma 4Point may be the finest tonearm out there, period." - Michael Fremer, Stereophile, October 2011

This differs from other arms by incorporating several unique features. The zero play bearing is configurated on 4 points. There is very precise VTA adjustment and, despite a longer effective length of 280 mm (11 inches), fits our standard mounting distance of 212 mm (9 inches). The heart of the new construction is a unique 4 point bearing. The first set of two points (similar to a unipivot bearing) allows vertical movement. The second set of two points allows horizontal movement. All four points have minimal friction and zero play in all playing directions thus ensuring the cartridge platform and the cartridge itself move with very low friction and minimal vibration across the record .

The whole construction is mounted on a rigid VTA tower which allows VTA adjustment while playing, without any loss of rigidity, yet with up to 0.01 mm of precision with zero play. The main tube is constructed and machined from solid aluminium as in our tangential Air line arm.

Two separate troughs damp vertical and horizontal resonances and can be finely adjusted independently. The troughs can be removed from the tonearm. The main counterweight balances the tonearm and has a second small counterweight with which the tracking force can be finely adjusted. Azimuth can be adjusted in small repeatable increments with zero play, by means of an Allen key. A feature of the tonearm is a unique detachable headshell. The electrical connection is via standard pins but the headshell can be simply removed by unscrewing with an Allen key. The headshell is fixed with a hexagonal locking system, giving the same rigidity as with a fixed headshell.

Internal wiring is of superior, special alloy silver wires. One set of 4 wires runs from the cartridge pins to the termination box and further along into a 1.4 m long tonearm cable, with silver Eichmann bullet connectors, in one unbroken length. The second set of 4 wires runs from the same cartridge pins to the termination box to female Cardas RCA connectors thus allowing use of any RCA plugged tonearm cable from termination box to phono preamp input. This gives so called bi-wiring on this tonearm and a lot of flexibility with choice of no compromise cables.


Technical Specifications:

  • Mass: 1650 gr
  • Effective lenght: 280 mm
  • Mounting distance: 212 mm
  • Offset angle: 19.50 degrees
  • Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing: 264 mm
  • Effective mass: 14 g
  • Bearings: 4 spikes
  • VTA adjustment: yes
  • Azimuth adjustment: yes
  • Bias adjustment: yes
  • Vertical damping: yes
  • Horizontal damping: yes
  • Arm mount: Kuzma-Air line 212 mm

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