Carole King - Tapestry

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Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD

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Numbered limited-edition Hybrid SACD

True to producer's original intent of putting Carole King in the room With You: Experience and feel every organic nuance, suggestive delivery, intimate note

Carole King's Tapestry is one of the rare albums that immediately plays in your head the moment its title, cover art, or songs are mentioned. Having achieved status of near-mythical proportions, it is the singer-songwriter record you'd bring to the proverbial desert island if you were limited to one choice.

Faithful to original album producer Lou Adler's vision of making King (and not just any piano player) appear seated and playing in front of listeners, this numbered, limited edition Hybrid SACD delivers utmost transparency, balance, warmth, intimacy, and perhaps most importantly, feeling. Aware of how many times this iconic work has been re-released, Mobile Fidelity's engineers settled for nothing less than the absolute finest sonic presentation possible when mastering Tapestry from the original master tapes.

The results mirror what went down in the A&M Studios. Lean, simple, direct, and so nakedly real, the sonics evoke what might be heard on a professional demo tape. This collectable SACD gives what Rolling Stone deems the 36th Greatest Album of All Time the due it deserves. King's personal singing, her graceful pianism, the integral rhythmic foundation provided by the likes of drummer Russ Kunkel and guitarist Danny Kortchmar, and the symmetrical contributions of guest instrumentalists ranging from saxophonist Curtis Amy to guitarist James Taylor resonate with three-dimensional imaging and cozy realism. Every note, every basic movement, accurately rendered with exquisite detail and full-bodied tonality.




1. I Feel the Earth Move
2. So Far Away
3. Its Too Late
4. Home Again
5. Beautiful
6. Way Over Yonder
7. You've Got a Friend
8. Where You Lead
9. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
10. Smackwater Jack
11. Tapestry
12. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

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The definition of Classic

posted on 02/22/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jacob Brodbeck
I was a die hard rocker when Tapestry was released and never listened to it on my own volition once. I heard tracks of it on radio and numerous friends houses. My sister had the sheet music to it and attempted to play her favorites.

But now in my 60s I have been attracted to female vocalist of my day. Carly Simon, Linda Ronstadt and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane. So I took somewhat of a blind swing at this SACD. And I’m glad I did.

Mobile Fidelity has yet to disappoint in there remastering of great music. My biggest surprise while listening to it on my maiden voyage was how much good jazz is on this album. So much so, I wish I could edit the vocals out and listen to only the instruments. But Carole Kings voice is a pleasure too.

I only wish I could meet her and thank her as well as congratulate her. So few artist achieve the pinnacle she has. I consider myself lucky to be of an age that much creative artistically expression existed.


posted on 11/22/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tony
It would be pointless for me to write about the songs or to say this is one of the better albums of all time. I will say spend the $$$ for this one don't worry about the amount it's the most amazing analogue oriented mixes ever. You will get chills up and down your spine when you hear Will Love me Tomorrow and georgeous often through this album you will say this sounds so life like, so much like it would sound if Carole King was sitting in your livingroom playing the piano. You will often hear light harmonies and sounds you didn't hear on previous releases. I had the SACD by Sony and this one blows it away by miles and miles...i'm just amazed by this release and to be honest previoiusly i knew the album was great but never really cared for the mix now it's all changed...i like her voice up front and alot of piano...and you hear other instruments but this person or persons got it so right...don't deny yourself access to one of the

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