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Ivan Fischer - Dvorak: Slavonic Dances


Universal Records



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CDEC 85007
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Ivan Fischer conducts the Budapest Festival Orchestra performing Dvorak's Slavonic Dances. Iván Fischer is founder and music director of the Budapest Festival Orchestra. The partnership between Fischer and his Budapest Festival Orchestra has proved to be one of the greatest success stories in the past three decades of classical music.

Whereas the first set had featured predominantly Czech dances (with the exception of the second which evoked the Ukranian dumka — not, strictly speaking, a dance), the second set is more broadly Slavonic, incorporating Slovak, Polish, Serbian and Russian elements in addition to Dvorák's favorite melancholy dumka strains.

In these sixteen highly varied and colorful dances, Dvorák had fulfilled his original brief to perfection, creating stylized, even idealized dance fantasias which intermingle folk elements with his own inspired melodies so effectively, so disarmingly and so artistically that for the most part they have defied attempts by musicologists to uncover the folk sources.

Dvorák justified his approach in 1894: "From the rich stores of Slavonic folk music, in its Hungarian [i.e. Slovak], Russian, Bohemian and Polish varieties, the composers of the day have derived, and will continue to derive, much that is charming and novel in their music. Nor is there anything objectionable in this, for if the poet and painter base much of their best art on national legends, songs and traditions, why should not the musicians?"

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1. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.46 - No.1 in C (Presto)
2. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.46 - No.2 in E minor (Allegretto scherzando)
3. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.46 - No.3 in A flat (Poco allegro)
4. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.46 - No.4 in F (Tempo di minuetto)
5. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.46 - No.5 in A (Allegro vivace)
6. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.46 - No.6 in D (Allegretto scherzando)
7. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.46 - No.7 in C minor (Allegro assai)
8. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.46 - No.8 in G minor (Presto)
9. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.72 - No.1 in B (Molto vivace)
10. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.72 - No.2 in E minor (Allegretto grazioso)
11. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.72 - No.3 in F (Allegro)
12. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.72 - No.4 in D flat (Allegretto grazioso)
13. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.72 - No.5 in B flat minor (Poco adagio)
14. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.72 - No.6 in B flat (Moderato, quasi minuetto)
15. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.72 - No.7 in C (Allegro vivace)
16. 8 Slavonic Dances, Op.72 - No.8 in A flat (Lento grazioso, ma non troppo, quasi tempo di valse)

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