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Weighing in at 118 lbs. (53.5kg), (including power supply and tonearm) and occupying a 35% greater footprint than the Model 30/2, SME’s new massive Model 30/12 turntable and V12 tonearm create the new reference standard in analog reproduction all others will be judged against. More evolutionary than revolutionary, the Model 30/12 was created essentially as a complimentary companion to the Series V-12 tonearm. Utilizing all technology and features from the Model 30/2, the Model 30/12’s differences are mainly ones of scale. For example, the upgraded suspension now boasts 60 purpose-molded “O” rings creating 120 strands of rubber to support the sub-chassis, which has been increased in thickness by 16%. Additionally the main chassis has received a 19% increase in thickness as well. These enhancements to the area of mass and stability afford an increase in overall rigidity that ensures a vast improvement in acoustic neutrality.

       SME Series V-12 Tonearm

This new 12” tonearm, like the 312S found on the SME Model 20/12, provides a 27% reduction of angular error distortion when compared to a 9” tonearm. The entire Series V-12 arm tube is made from pressure die cast magnesium complete with integrated headshell. This effectively eliminates tonearm-generated resonances in the audio spectrum usually associated with detachable headshells.

Turntable Features

Stable four-point suspension controlled by fluid dampers eliminates overshoot and gives almost zero Q recovery.lSub-chassis suspended by 120 strands of rubber in the form of 60 purpose-molded “O” rings.
Suspension is adjustable via trimmers used in conjunction with a gauge to provide recommended settings or varied to suit individual conditions.
Built-in locks at each corner enable suspension to be secured and sealed for transport.
19mm diameter spindle with individually fitted sintered bronze bearings are sealed in a massive housing providing support for the 330mm diameter, 15-1/2 lbs. (7kg) platter.
Arm mounting board is reversible to allow mounting of 9” tonearm, if required.
Choice of steel ball or compliant rubber insert supporting foot. Both provide leveling adjustment.
A 3-phase, 6-pulse inductance motor with 8-pole Neodymium magnets and 3 integrated Hall position sensors provides platter drive.lSpeed range includes 33-1/3, 45 and 78 R.P.M. User variable on power supply.lLarge diameter strobe disc supplied allows precise speed adjustment. lInternal constrained layer damps minute residual vibration leaving the tonearm acoustically inert.
Precision machined cartridge platform to avoid interface resonance.
Stainless steel horizontal thread ground spindle carried in massive yolk on 10mm ball races. Axis at record mean level to minimize warp-wow.
Dynamic balance and graduated vertical tracking force (VTF) control applies 3g x 0.125g through resonance controlled helical spring.
Stainless vertical thread ground spindle with integral 16mm diameter flange to couple spindle and yoke.
23mm diameter heat treated, ground and honed steel pillar carries two 17mm diameter ball races spaced widely to prevent tilt.
Anti-skate operated via tension spring and filament. Dial corresponds with VTF and has a positive off position.
Cueing control has positive action and height of lift is adjustable.
Sub-sonic lateral-mode damper is adjustable or defeatable.
Dual lock base provides movement control with high rigidity.
Tungsten-alloy counterweight carried on two-point suspension. Ultra-low inertia design assists warp riding.
Under slung weight housing corrects center of gravity and provides non-reflective termination.
Swiveling damped output-socket minimizes vibration transmission in sub-chassis use.
Fine adjustment of arm height (VTA).
Calibration lines on tonearm facilitate VTA setting.
Fine adjustment of horizontal tracking angle (HTA).
Advanced jig / template / protractor system included guarantees correct positioning.

Model 30/12

  • Dimensions (WDH):     20.9 x 15.75 x 9.2 in., 530 x 400 x 232
  • Net Weight (with power supply):     118 lbs., 53.5kg
  • Shipping Weight:     175.5 lbs., 79.5kg

Series V-12

  • Distance pivot to stylus:     308.8mm
  • Distance pivot turntable center:     295.6mm
  • Cartridge fixing centers:     12.7mm
  • Offset angle:     17.62 degrees
  • Linear offset:     93.47mm
  • Overhang:     13.2mm
  • Effective mass:     11.5/12.5g
  • Cartridge balance range:     5.0-32.0g
  • Vertical Tracking force max:     3.0g (30mN)
  • Maximum tracking error:     0.009 degrees
  • Null points – Inner:     66.04mm
  • Outer:     120.90mm

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